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Top nostalgic games : i like this idea   going to do 10 ps3 an Xbox 360 after this list . 

I tag anyone who sees this but just in case,

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Wii (Sketchfab Viewer)

And here is the Wii! I want to play some Super Mario Galaxy now.

From my “Nintendo Consoles Through the Generations” series!

Another 3-color drawing. I should do these more often, given that they’re fun-but challenging xD. It gives me the opportunity to try out the brush fill options in Paint.NET (hardest part about it was Adeleine’s hair; by this, I wanted to make it not look like one big blot, which explains the tiny dots.)

Adeleine’s my other favorite Kirby character, I personally wish she’d appear again.

…Man, that’s the fifth drawing this week. ^^”