It says 8/6/2015 at 1:59 AM on my laptop, so I guess I can now post this.

Be advised: THIS IS GOING TO GET REAL NERDY REAL FUCKIN’ QUICK. Skip past the first paragraph if you don’t want a brief history lesson on a Japanese metal box with wheels you wouldn’t exactly care about. The second paragraph explains the styling cues I used, hopefully that bit will be easier to stomach for everyone else.

I drew up originally for 86 Day and ended up doubling as Vent Art (I was reasonably angry at the time I was drawing this, channeled all me energy onto this car). Anyways, we pretty much know that what an artist will draw correlates to certain days/events/seasons and all that jazz I sort of do the same with my car art. Mind you, I’ve missed several opportunities to draw cars for certain events; there was a stillborn, Midnight Purple, Nissan Stagea I planned to finish on the first day of TX2K15, I also missed GATEBIL Rudskogen last month, at least I finished this on just in time for 86 Day. Around the globe August 6th has become the de facto worldwide holy day for honoring the Toyota Corolla AE86–or affectionately called “Hachi-Roku”, essentially what was once a rather mundane economy car now turned darling of the car community made famous by a certain manga and anime *cough*Initial D*cough*. No mistake though, the AE86 was popular for racing; Toyota fielded several “N2″ AE86s in circuit racing, and some were used for rallying. As of now–and was in the 90′s, these cars are real popular in drifting circles.

For inspiration and overall theme, I went with a Track Car/Canyon Carver setup, as much as I could have given it the appearance of a drift car, that would have been too predictable; for styling cues, the paint and general appearance is a nod to the AE86 featured in Initial D, with it’s white/black two-tone paint, black wheels, carbon fiber hood and headlight cluster. The body work is the same (or at least identical to) the ones used by Toyota’s N2 AE86 Corollas, utilizing widened fenders; with exposed bolts to emphasize it’s intentions as a racecar.