Nissan Skyline GT-R [R34] by Spanish Coches

Stood up

prompt: Person A gets stood up and is about to leave Person B shows up and sits down at their table pretending that they are the person who stood them up. 

warnings: language(?)

You sighed as you brushed another stray hair behind your ear. Yeah, getting set up by your friends for this date wasn’t really going so well. You fidgeted under the other people dining’s gazes as you looked down at your phone. Take the embarrassment by standing up and leaving or continue to sit here until your date arrived? You thought It over and just as you reached down to grab your purse you saw someone sit down in the seat across from you. You looked up to be met with an unfamiliar man. He was extremely handsome, he had striking blue eyes, and messy blonde hair. He smiled,
“Sorry I’m so late babe. The traffic was terrible.”

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//8^D HI dis is diavolo also known as the crimson king! more importantly that beauty behind him is his 1999 nissan skyline GT-R R34 V-spec 800hp 6-speed manual AWD in midnight purple with fuzzy dice in the mirror the end.
he’s very well known and feared in the racing community bc hes never lost a race and blahblahblah. no1 dares to challenge him so instead of asking ppl to race he’ll just go out to where ppl MIGHT be n hides out on the side of the road then as soon as they drive by he goes after em it freaks everybody out. he probably sells drugs too idk he doesnt have a job and hes almost 30. hes just a real recluse all he cares abt is his car,, hes out here lettin everyone know that nissans r superior