Nissan GTR

Tumblr Babes - I NEED YOUR HELP

Yesterday, when at work, I ran into two people that I was fairly acquainted with during my time at Winthrop University. Both of them have new Honda’s that they purchased within the past 2 years or so and were having service work done.

I found this extremely upsetting since they could have gotten one from someone: a.) that they were familiar with, b.) that would provide them with the best car buying experience anyone could possibly have, and c.) that would obviously give them a great deal.

The only reason that they didn’t purchase from me is because they had no idea what I did for a living. This has been bothering me to the point that I woke up this morning (while on vacation) and started creating a Facebook status and now this post you’re reading in order to try and find a solution.

Please help me prevent this from happening again and reblog this post! Tell anyone you know who might need a vehicle. No matter how far away from Charlotte, NC they are! I’ll deliver the car and paperwork to their door. (I’ve sold cars to customers in CA, MO, TN, NJ, VA, NY, etc. you get the point.)

Oh! And everyone that you refer to me that buys puts $100 in your pocket. I will mail a check to your address as soon as their paperwork is completely processed!!!

I appreciate and love you all.

Justin Scott