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why isnt anyone talking about asanoyasuga????????? LOOK AT ALL THE SHIT THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH AND HAVE TRIED TO FIX??? LOOK IM. *stands up and kicks a chair* YOU GUYS. ASANOYASUGA IS ONE OF THE FIRST OT3s YOU'LL SPOT IN THIS SERIES. also tananoyahina.

I LOVE BOTH OT3S? in general i don’t feel like polyships get the love they deserve ahhhh you’re right. i think my very first haikyuu ot3 was daiasasuga ^^ there’s honestly so many possibilities though, bless

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Bokuto, Oikawa, and Noya: the pick up lines they use most in girls (I have one of use on Bokuto: Do you have a jersey? Because I'm gonna need your name and number)

lol!! this was just so funny to do because the whole time i was imagining them saying them! :D -mod owl


A few for Bo would probably be 

  • You’re so cute it’s distracting me!
  • Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.
  • Are you a volleyball? Cause I dig you.


Lmao bruh. I feel like Oikawa could tell you the most stupid pick up line and still reel you in (lol)

  • If I were a volleyball, I’d let you hit me all day! 
  • Hey girl, (leans on wall) Can I touch you more than three times?
  • Was your father an alien? Because there’s nothing else like you on Earth!


Noya saying pick up lines would be sooo funny and so cute!

  • On a scale from 1 through 10, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need. 
  • Excuse me, can you tell me what kind of material this is (holds out sleeve of shirt) then says boyfriend material.
  • Excuse me, but if you were a ticket you’d have FINE written all over you.

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Bokuto, Noya, Daichi, and Kuroo snapchat headcanons? (I feel like Bokuto would send the most)

I enjoy questions like these! these are fun! :D -mod owl

Bokuto: This dude lives on snapchat, he is always snapchatting -everyone- especially Akaashi, Kuroo and Tsukki. This guy has like 100+ friends. He’ll ask anyone and everyone if they have snapchat and will add them. He snapchats everything he does, his snapchat story seconds are usually about 200 seconds long a day with every snapchat like 5 seconds long. He’s that person. He also looooves the filters and tries to get every achievement snapchat has to offer. His best friends on snapchat are Akaashi, Kuroo and Tsukki.

Nishinoya: Noya likes snapchat, not as much as Bo, but he likes snapchatting people. He has about 40 friends, the team, people from the other schools and just friends from school. He doesn’t post much on his story, he individually snapchats people. His best friends on snapchat are Asahi and Yaku.

Daichi: This guy barely is on snapchat. He also only has like 20 friends, the team and a few friends from the other schools. The only times he really goes on it is when he’s bored af and he wants to pass time by. He does occasionally post on his story a photo here and there, usually of him and Suga or him and Asahi. His best friend on snapchat is Suga.

Kuroo: Like Bokuto, this adult cat is always on snapchat. He also probably has 100+ friends. He always posts on his story, usually things about volleyball. Like he’ll record a video of a video and captioning how cool this would be to do or he’ll spam his story with selfies sometimes drawing cat whiskers and ears on it. He likes to always snapchat Kenma what he’s doing because he knows Kenma will open it and reply. A lot of girls like snapchatting him but he usually just replies with the same snapchat and sends it to all of the girls (lol) his best friends on snapchat are Kenma, Akaashi, Bokuto and Tsukki.


haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


things my mom actually said while watching Haikyuu:

“wow that guy really admires that shorty huh?” (Kageyama)

“we all need to be a bit more like Shouyou”

“those two are like a married couple” (Daichi and Suga)

“Tanaka needs to calm down” x4 

“TURNIP-KUN” *laughs*

“he’s handsome” (Oikawa)

“wait is he gay?” (Oikawa again)

“oh, there’s the boyfriend” (Iwaizumi)

“he needs more appreciation” (Ennoshita)

“why is freckles always freaking out about the glasses boy?”

“what’s the ace fanboy’s name again?” (Noya)

“he’s more anxious than you!” (Asahi)

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Can you do a scenario for Noya, and Bokuto where they meet their S/O for the first time and they just "know" (I'm not sure how to explain this) that they are supposed to be with that person?

I kinda wrote it so both of them knew and you make the first move just because — well, just because. :D 
-mod owl

Nishinoya took one look at you and just knew that you guys were meant to be together, that you guys were supposed to be in each others arms.
you were hanging out with your bestfriend, Shouyou, laughing about what he did at his volleyball practice that created a bruise on his face. Shouyou saw Nishinoya and waved him over. You looked to where he was waving to and instantly, you got butterflies. Just looking at him made you red in the face. 
“Noya-san!!” Hinata shouted out
“Oh! Hey Shouyou!” Noya shouted back awkwardly waving trying to avoid eye contact with you.
You were a very straight forward person and so you just hardcore stared at him thinking about how he was the man you were going to get married too. 

“Noya-san! This is my bestfriend f/n l/n! She just moved back from Saitama! We were and now again are neighbors!” Hinata said introducing you to him
“_____-chan, this is Nishinoya! He is the super-insane-rolling-thunder libero we have!” Hinata continued.

All Nishinoya could do was stare at your perfect face, your perfect body, and your perfect smile, before he would say anything you had interrupted him

“Hi, I’m _____, and I think you’re my soulmate.” you said bluntly with a gentle smile
Nishinoya was taken aback to how straightforward you were, and somehow, he was pulled in by it. He looked surprised but then smiled so big.
“I’m Nishinoya, but you can call me Yuu. I thinking the same thing!” he laughed 

Hinata just kind of looked at you guys and just accepted the fact that once you had your eyes on something or someone, he couldn’t tell you otherwise. 

Walking with Akaashi at school, Bokuto was talking about how he had seen a glimpse of a girl that could possibly be his soulmate. Akaashi thought nothing of it because well, its Bokuto. 
Suddenly, Bokuto started to nudge Akaashi saying that he sees the girl and she’s walking their way. Before Akaashi could look at her face,

“KEIIIIJI!” you yelled out running towards your bestfriend
“Oh, ____-chan. When did you get back from America?” Akaashi asks bluntly
“Last night! I was going to just call you but I wanted to surprise you! I’ve been wandering around campus all day trying to find you!” you said

Eyes wandering off to the owl looking boy to his right, your heart started to beat really fast. Frozen, you just stared at the boy you knew you were going to marry in the future. 

Bokuto had the same reaction, he was quiet and just stared at you. For some odd reason he had butterflies and felt things he has never felt before when looking at a girl.

“Oh yeah, ___-chan, this is my friend Bokuto Koutarou, he is the captain of the volleyball team I was telling you about.” Akaashi said

“Hi, I’m f/n l/n, and I think I was meant to be with you.” you said staring at the tall boy
Before you realized what you just said, Akaashi and Bokuto was just staring at you processing what you said.
“Oh, U-uhm, U-u-uhh.” you stuttered your face flushing to a deep red color

“Call me Kou, but its funny because I feel the same way. W-would you want to go to one of our games sometime?” Bokuto said nervously trying to keep his cool.
“Y-yeah, that would be g-great!!” you said rubbing the back of your neck

Akaashi groaned and pushed both of you to continue walking. You both didn’t know it, but Akaashi was kind of happy that his two best friends liked each other. 

  • [In the locker room]
  • Daichi:[Whispering] Suga kissed me.
  • Asahi:[Gasps] Okay, so... was he holding you? Or were his hands, like, on your back?
  • Daichi:No, actually first they were... They started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Asahi:Oh, God!
  • [In the gym]
  • Suga:I kissed Daichi.
  • Nishinoya:Tongue?
  • Suga:[Smirk] Yeah.
  • Nishinoya:[Smirk] Cool.