FIRST OFF IGNORE GOU’S ACTRESS IT WAS CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA, Mariya and Renn played lovers in a drama once and that’d be so weird and awkward!! -

Ok because I’m a bitch and I love dramas and shit Asdfghjkl I had to do this and if your ass don’t agree then idk make your own !! Anyways!!

My ideal cast for a Free! L. A.
Haruka - Yamazaki Kento
Makoto - Mukai Osamu
Nagisa - Chiba Yudai (Or Shison Jun idk?)
Rei - Nakajima Yuto
Gou - Mariya Nischiuichi ((CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA))

Rin - Renn Kiriyama
Aiichirou - Nishii Yukito (Or switch with Chiba Yudai)
Sousuke - Miura Haruma
Momotarou - Shohei Miura
Seiijuro - Ikuta Toma

I still need Kisumi and the teacher lady and the coach and other people but I’m just focused on the main ones

I’m having trouble with Ai and Nagisa so Idk some of you can look up Shison Jun and decide! It would help!

Also I hope I’m not the only one laughing about how Ikuta Toma is Sei and Shohei Miura is Momo. And Renn Kiriyama / Nishii Yukito.

Weiss Kreuz live - Dream Cast. Because I could, that's why.

Right. Since I finished rewatching Weiss Kreuz recently (oh gods, I first saw the series over 10 years ago. GODS.) - I got that idea and it really didn’t want to let me go. I think that WK, after a few adjustments, would actually make a pretty good drama series, soooo I decided to write down my ideas for the cast - for both Weiss and Schwarz. 
Fujimiya Aya - Shiraishi Shunya

Why: I know Shunya can play the stoic type very well, he has a fitting body type, and something in his face reminds me of Koyasu Takehito himself. I’m not sure if he’d pull off that “TAKATORIIIII SHIINEEEEE” scream, but then again - there is only one person who can do this perfectly, and that’s Koyasu himself XD So Shunya is my type for Aya. 
Hidaka Ken - Sano Gaku 

Why: Again - I think Sano can play a character like Ken. They both have that… kind-boy-next-door look, and they’re both athletic guys. And if I remember correctly, Gaku was also good at football. Sano it is then. 
Kudou Youji - Hosogai Kei / Mizushima Hiro 

Why: While my first choice would be Kei - he has the right look and voice in my opinion, Mizushima also has that vibe, so he’d be my second choice XD 
Tsukiyono Omi - Nishii Yukito 

Why: Omi, especially in the manga, looks younger than he is. Nishii has that trait, and in my opinion his boyish baby face fits Omi just right. He’d also be the smallest of the team. 
I have to admit, finding actors for playing Schwarz was hard for me. Mainly because ¾ of them are supposed to be foreigners in Japan, being American, German and Irish, and I honestly have no idea if there’re any white actors in the Japanese show-business industry that’d suit the roles “XD But at the same time, I think that in the live adaptation they’d use either Japanese actors or actors with mixed heritage anyway, so I just went that way too. 
Brad Crawford - Shirota Yuu 

Why: Something in his face makes me think it’d be actually a good choice, though I have to admit, I’m not that sure. Then again, no one else comes to my mind, Shirota has the very right height, and I think he could do well in that role. 
Schuldig - Aoki Tsunenori 

Why: While Tsune doesn’t even have a mixed heritage, I think his smirk would fit Schuldig’s personality, and I know he can play a manipulative bastard just fine XD 
Naoe Nagi - Takasugi Mahiro / Mizuishi Atom 


Why: Both boys are unfortunately a bit too tall (and maybe even a bit too old already - I mean Nagi was 15 in the series, while both Mahi and Atom are already 18) but in my opinion they have the right look, and they both played a similar character before. (And we know Mahi looks good in a suit XD) 

Farfarello - Inoue Masahiro

Why: Inoue’s nasal voice, lanky body and full lips reminds me of Farfarello traits, plus, Inoue probably also can play a mad man XD

Alternative cast:

Youji - Mizushima Hiro

Nagi - Mizuishi Atom

There, I let it go! I hope it was at least a bit enjoyable!

Any thoughts? XD

(No picture is mine, thank you all kind people who posted them!)


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