From Kurt Cobain to You: A Very important message for the young boys and men out there in the world.

“Remember that your older brothers, cousins, uncles and your fathers are not your role models. This means you do not do what they do, you do not do what they say. They come from a time when their role models told their sons to be mean to girls, to think of yourself as better and stronger and smarter than them. They also taught things like: You will grow up strong if you act tough and fight the boys who are known as nerds and geeks.”

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Name: Sareya
Nickname: Don’t have one
Birthday: Jan 21
StarSign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7
Sexual orientation: Demisexual
Favorite color: Black and blue
Time right now: 9:38 am
Average hours of sleep: 3-4
Lucky number(s): 428
Last Thing I googled: Kurt cobain
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite Fictional Character: Sebastian Michaelis
Favorite famous person: Kurt Cobain
Crushes: people
Favorite bands: nirvana, 3days grace and a couple others
Last movie I saw in theaters: The Gallows
Dream Trip: England
Dream Job: Photographer
What am I wearing at the moment:Black T-shirt dress,Purple bra, green underwear and black socks
I tag: nirvananews 1-2-1-2-3-4–pj kuitsukuse literallyjustq perks-of-being-chinese we-love-rain uh-lora heart teoami

“I became obsessed with turtles. I bought six of them and put them in a bathtub. They show no emotion, they’re so inanimate. It’s the complete opposite of what dogs are, I can’t stand dogs, they’re too willing to please. I like cats. Animals that require attention. Turtles have this fuck you attitude, ‘I’m stuck in this tank, I’m miserable and I’m not going to perform for you.’” - Kurt Cobain. [x]
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Nirvana visited Singapore in February 1992

For the easily amused and black sheep gods everywhere.
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