Reason #834294734 not to skip Nine… 

Here we have this supernatural being that constantly executes extraordinary acts praising one girl’s commitment to feed homeless kids of London during World War II.

The acknowledgment of ordinary people performing extraordinary deeds has always been a running theme throughout DW. 

And Eccleston’s delivery of that here is perfect.

Did you know?

When humans are in the embryonic state of development, we go through a stage called ‘The heart primordial’, when we have two hearts (aka binary vascular system). I mean later on they fuse together into one heart with four chambers, but at one point we’ve all had two hearts. Imagine if your hearts didn’t fuse together and you were left with two hearts!

You’d basically be a time lord.

And on that note, I should end my Doctor Who marathon.

Fine I’ll keep watching


What are you? Coward or killer?
           Coward. Any day.

My tribute to the ninth doctor played by Christopher Eccleston who’s celebrating his 52d birthday today.

it’s a rather experimental piece for me and I am not really sure if I like the result but here it is. ^^

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