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I need my followers to spread this question EVERYWHERE THEY CAN. A few years ago (not sure how many) I discovered a 8 bit music artist by the title of Nintendude. His music was AMAZING. I hold a special place in my heart for those songs becuase they bring back fond memories when i think about them. However, in recent years these songs have all but completely vanished from the internet. The only place I can find any trace of them is on Last FM, and I cannot even play them or contact the artist(s). So here is my mission for you guys. Spread the word, see if anyone, everyone can search for a place to retrieve these songs! I’ll list the ones I can remember (as far as names)

Giga Flare

Castle of Bone

The kalinoski effect

Burning Blade

Submarine Dive

Colonel Mustache

Race of Fury


Electric Forest

Jade Dynasty

White Chocobo Garden

If any of you can find these songs, the reward for it is actually the songs themselves. They are phenomenal and I cannot find a chiptune/8 bit tune I like better than these. If you locate them (a place where they can be downloaded or even a way to contact the artists) PLEASE send me the link through my submit box! So REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! PLEASE! I’m actually quite desperate to find these songs again TT^TT

this is good news about a bad situation because I love nintendude so I’m glad he’s as alright as he can be

and the fact that team fusion are letting him take time off and using a long term sub rather than replacing him is awesome

Creation (WLL and Nintendude era)

Gabe’s new universe was all impressive, but lacked soul, after the 5 days he began to feel bored with his universe, he needed a creature to admire, adore and be a part of him. Gabe needed creatures. Gabe spent all day crafting slimy things in the sea, nimble beings in the skies, powerful cratures for the land, and finally, with all his remaining energy, just before his sun set behin the rolling hills, Gabe gathered some mud from the earth and crafted a man, Wants Latios Lots.

Wants Latios Lots lived in a beautiful garden created for him by Gabe, there were many lush trees and colourful flowers, Birds singing, streams flowing through valleys and grand mountains towering over the oasis, the sanctuary, the garden of Easyway.

WLL had spent his time picking berries and weaving flowers through his long beautiful hair, he sand with the birds and played with the otters, cared for the elephants and interacted with the monkeys, but none of these creatures were quite like Wants Latios Lots. He was lonely inside.

Gabe quickly caught onto WLL inner sadness, Gabe knew WLL was living a lie, pretending to enjoy the companions Gabe had given him, Gabe couldn’t stand to see his creation such a failure. Gabe had to act quickly.

Whilst WLL was in a deep slumber amongst the gorillas, Gabe took out WLL bottom rib and created a companion for him, Nintendude, Impressed with his creation, Gabe took one huffy sigh and retired to his cloudy realm.

Nintendude lay next to WLL the entire night, anxios for him to wake up and meet him. Nintendude stretched out his long body as his eyelids fell heavy and he descended into a deep sleep

Prologue (WLL and Nintendude era)

And so, Gabe took some clay from the earth and made the shape of a man. Then, he burped onto the shape and the man opened his eyes, looked up to the sky and saw. Gabe named him Wants Latios Lots.

However, Wants Latios Lots was lonely, he wanted a friend because Gabe was very busy, so, Gabe had an idea…