Ninoy Aquino

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I Have Fallen In Love (with the Same Woman Three Times)

This poem was written by Senator Benigno Aquino at Fort Bonifacio on October 11, 1973 as a love poem for Cory Aquino for their 19th wedding anniversary.

This was put into song by Jose Mari Chan on 1989 on his album Constant Change.

I am posting this song in lieu of Senator Ninoy Aquino’s 28th death anniversary.

Aside from being a romantic husband to his wife, let us also remember a modern Filipino hero, whose death became a catalyst to restore freedom and democracy in the Land of Juan. I shall also leave this as a challenge that we can also be hero in our own little way.

Bayani si Ninoy. At tayo rin ay puwedeng maging Bayani katulad niya.

Maraming maraming salamat po Senator Ninoy Aquino.

TODAY IN HISTORY: In 1977, opposition leader Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino Jr. (RIGHT) is sentenced to death by firing squad. The Military Commission No. 2 convicted him of charges of subversion, murder, and illegal possession of firearms.

ABOVE: Ninoy’s head is bowed as he hears of the death sentence. This photo, taken from “Ninoy: Ideals & Ideologies 1932-1983,” shows Ninoy with Victor Corpuz and Bernabe Buscayno.

I believe that the Filipino will respond to the call of greatness, not by coercion but by persuasion, not by intimidation but through the ways of freedom. Peace and order without freedom is nothing more than slavery. Discipline without justice is merely another name for oppression.
—  Statement of the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. (1932-1983) before Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos’ military tribunal (Commission No. 2), Fort Bonifacio, August 27, 1973. 

I wrote (President Ferdinand) Marcos and I told him, ‘I have vowed never to enter the political arena again. I shall dedicate the last drop of my blood to the restoration of freedom and the dismantling of your martial law.’

… Do not forget that your readiness to suffer will light the torch of freedom which can never be put out. And learn to say 'no.’ No to tyranny; no to corruption; no to all this degradation of human dignity.

The moment you say no, you are beginning to protest. The moment you say no to tyranny, you are beginning the struggle – the long, lonely road to freedom.


BENIGNO “NINOY” AQUINO, during a speech in Los Angeles, 1983.

He was assassinated by President Marcos three years later; his death sparked the “People Power” movement that overthrew the Marcos regime.