credit:  げんごろう‏ @gengorowww

Best friend is ROFL or laughing the most when you get hit and suddenly got worried when you are still not out. That is Nino, everyone :)))

Nino’s screaming of “Aiba is not here” 3x, made the staff rushing to get Aiba out.

And also Nino, the moment Aiba started, noticed that he counted his fingers.

Song for you

An unfamiliar name. We suddenly got on a cruise ship (2:30~) / Debut

Countless number of balloons fill the city night sky (4:09~)
We are still in the middle of our story / 10th Anniversary

And we land on this island once again (5:31~) / 15th Anniversary

Thank you, all the miracles with you (9:50~)
Ah an endless time ahead
We’ll bring you along
This song for you / Current and future

Won’t forget, always
“You are my soul”


credit:  げんごろう‏ @gengorowww

This is the compilation of Nino’s cards for all rounds. This is funny because Nino never once let go of Aiba’s card. Awww~
Lol Nino, it was because you kept focusing on collecting Aiba’s that you lost (though at the same time he did win because of that? lol)

Seriously, it was fun to see which member they decide to keep or not. Especially when they got two set of pairs. There was one, Sho got two Jun’s and two Aiba’s and he let out “uwaaaa~” xDDD And bet which member he decided to keep? Find out yourself ;pp

I tried to do the summary for all members but I don’t have time and it was hard to catch for Jun’s because the camera didn’t capture his card at all. (Though I can guess based on others’ cards but well I’m just lazy)