Project #2

Title: No Girl Turtles 

Materials: Coloring book, cleaning sponges, thread, beads, candy.

Artist of Influence: Mark Newport

Used the idea of Mark Newport exploring gender and identity with comic books. Here I used a coloring and activity book. So I changed the genders of the male turtles by adding exaggerated gender tags such as eyelashes and red lipsas well as adding pink hearts, beads and Lisa Frank unicorns. Here I am exploring the issue of a female Ninja Turtle named Venus De Milo aka Mei Pieh Chi who was featured on the live action show from 1997-2000. There was backlash from fans and one of the creators about the mistake of a female turtle character. There is a popular idea that young boys will self identify with only male characters which affects merchandise sales. Young girls are expected to self identify with male characters and are not thought of a marketable audience hence the lack of more female hero character such as the issue of the lack of Black Widow and Gamora Marvel merchandise a few years back. The title “No Girl Turtles“ come from a memo that was sent out and erased Venus from the collective.

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“How hard can dismantling a bomb really be?”

Oh I’m gonna have a field day with this.

1. Famous last words
2. Cut the blue wire, it matches your mask
3. “This has nothing to do with honor I am scared!”
4. “Must…resist urge…to slice with my swords…”
5. If you mess this up Leo, forget turtle soup, you’ll be turned into turtle CHOWDER.

And last but not least…
6. For the last time LEONARDO leads, and DONATELLO does machines.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends gameplay 7 #TMNT

gemturtle  asked:

Hi Minijen, long time no see. I just want to say I am loving your story Universe Falls for crossing over 2 shows in the same universe. I also want to tell you that I'm actually planning something that's influenced by your story; I'm planning on making a crossover series for TMNT (My own incarnation) and The Loud House called "The Ninja Turtles and the Louds". I have more information about it on fanfiction website.

Aw, thanks! And neat! Glad to be of inspiration! Good luck with it! 

Name: Heather (but I go by Jacky)
Age: 15
Little age: I guess 1-3
Role: Little
Preferred role in partner: Mommy
Gender and pronouns: Female, she
Preferred gender of partner: Female
General area you live in: Elyria, ohio
Interests: Rock music, animals, watching tv
Polymorous or monogamous: Either is fine
Description of what you’re looking for: Someone I can connect with. I’m looking for more than temporary or online. Someone to set rules and punishments for me. Someone loving and caring. Someone who will spoil me and I can spoil them in return.
About you: I’m overweight and a bit insecure about it. I’m a lesbian so if you’re a male please do not contact me. I’m a bit tomboyish at times but I do have my girly times as well. I may be a bit awkward until I get to know you. I love ninja turtles, paw patrol, Sophia the first and Disney. I love makeup though I don’t have any ): I love YouTubers like Dan and Phil and markiplier. I totally fall for dominant mommies. I love stars and crystals. My dream is to move to England.
Ways to contact you: my kik is: Mikeytheturtlez

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*Relationship Status? Single as a Pringle!

*Lipstick or Chapstick? Lipstick

*Last Song I Listened To? Again by Arno Cost

*Last Movie I Watched? Teenage mutant ninja turtles under the shadows

*Top Three Characters? JASON TODD!!(DC) Nico do Angelo (PJO), and Raphael (TMNT)

*Top Three Ships? SOLANGELO!!!!! Kontim, and dickkory

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thecosmicwyatt  asked:

Which is your favorite ninja turtle? What color is your tooth brush? Do you ever get back pain? How good is your posture? Favorite 90s cartoon?

I’ve never really been into ninja turtles so I can’t say I’ve got one 😬

I think my toothbrush currently is white and green.

Yeah it bothered me most when I was working a desk job last year, lately it’s just after back and shoulders day at the gym when we do weight back extensions. Different kinda hurt tho

I’m sure I’ve probably got kinda crappy posture tbh based on last year

And spongebob first aired in ‘99 so I’m counting that 😂