Ninja Porter


I found a Relic™

From 6 years ago

Let’s destroy the stereotype that DJs/EDM producers “aren’t real musicians” and “aren’t smart” and “didn’t do anything with their lives”

(it’s not exactly super common but it exists)

First off, they ARE real musicians and probably have a heck of a lot more talent then the people saying that they aren’t do. (you go try fl studio, it’s like learning 70 different instruments at once. I dare you.)

Second, um, what are you freaking talking about, they’re not smart? Madeon does a TON of engineering for his shows, Porter Robinson puts so much insight into certain topics, and Mr. Fijiwiji IS GOING TO COLLEGE FOR FREAKING NEUROSCIENCE, and those are just the ones i’ve heard about. If that’s not smart I don’t know what is.

Finally, yeah they did do something with their lives, and not only that, at a young age. Some are making MILLIONS. Not to mention Skrillex creating his own record label and he’s CURRENTLY only 28. And they followed their dreams, and are so creative in so many ways. Plus, some are actually making a difference and helping people?? Like Zedd helping Kesha with the crazy thing that happened a while ago??? He helped (and probably still is) her get out of that situation she couldn’t escape.

DJs/EDM are real people. Smart people. Courageous people. Creative people. Successful people. They are so much more than you think they are. 

The shelter animation was so perfect and amazing and beautiful. It’s so… Porter. Everything about it is reflective of him. His inspirations, his themes…. It screams “Porter Robinson” and is so gorgeous i can’t even comprehend. The animation, the music, the story, it’s all beautiful and flows so well with the music. I’m quite literally sitting here crying. I can’t even…. lemme just…….