Like butter scraped over too much bread

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by KleineElfe92

Steve looks as though he is only thirty, but on the inside, he feels every single one of his ninety-nine years.

A rather disjointed look at Steve’s life from the ice to the jungle.

Words: 1723, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I just love, as well as the sentiment, that someone calls themselves the 1%, yet understanding the concept of the percentage; unlike some whiny middle class kid claiming that because he is frugal, he’s the 1%. Yeah, no you’re not unless your frugality has saved you millions and millions - as I understand it the percentage statistics refer to the 1% of America that holds ridiculously high percentage of the wealth, like maybe 99%? I might be wrong, but that’s what I’d thought the percentage to mean. 

Occupy Wall Street: SweetVendetta21 Inspires Me To Do This:

I am the 99%:

My boyfriend applied for Social Security because with his lung disease he is physically unable to work full time and do school. If he did, which he has before, he would be in the hospital almost immediately. They declined him. He is now going back with a lawyer. 

I have lived with my mother almost getting everything taken away and file for bankruptcy. But just barely applying for food stamps, thank god for donations and food kitchens. I grew up with a mother trying to finish her education while working two jobs, and that in the end led her to bankruptcy and no job prospects. 

I currently go to college, terrified of moving out on my own because once I’m out, I’m completely alone and have no financial support whatsoever. I am currently on financial aid probation because I failed one class and still have 3.0 GPA, where as other children with better off parents can fuck up with no financial boundaries, no stress, and no limitations. If I don’t get all A’s from now on, I do not have the opportunity to finish school. Because I am poor, I don’t have the same opportunities as others, yet I am equal. I am free. 

I am the 99%. 

(Fuck you Wall Street, and fuck you rich fucks with the tax cuts.)

Hi guys! so basically for my last few years at school im doing a project called ninety nine. Ninety nine is a project that strives to understand and capture on film the problem of poverty and how it affects the world. Right now we are also raising money for charity groups in Hong Kong and the Philippines. The ninety nine shirts will go on sale online soon and they look really cool and are great christmas presents!

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2011-11-18. In light of recent events.

I took the following pictures on October 21st and 25th at Zucotti Park in downtown NYC. Behind-the-scenes — sort to speak — taken with my Yashica T4 while I was shooting a personal project there, which I will unveil early next week.

External image

Like virtually every photographer in the NYC area, I decided to visit the park and check it out. Unlike today, it was relatively calm then. The atmosphere was welcoming. The protests peaceful. The park had also become a media circus, and a tourist attraction. Businessmen stopped by on their lunch breaks. German and Japanese tourists took pictures as if this was one more stop in their Manhattan itinerary, right after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

External image

So I got the crazy idea that I wanted to do something photographically about it. I wanted to take portraits of the people I encountered there, to perhaps shed a light to the whole phenomenon that Occupy Wall Street has become. In my mind, it didn’t just have to be the protesters. This had become something more… I’m oftentimes more interested in how we perceive an event in reality than the event itself. And this perception nowadays includes and is saturated by the Media, twitter, Facebook, and every passerby with their iPhone camera. But this was crazy because I thought, “how am I going to come up with something original from something I feel everybody and their mother is covering ad nauseam?”

Only time will tell.

So wait till next week for this project. I’m really excited about it. In the meantime, enjoy these.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image


Oldsmobile Ninety Nine par Xavier Wattez
Via Flickr :
Oldsmobile Ninety Nine hier au Capitole


John Forte - Ninety Nine (Flash The Message) featuring Wyclef Jean and Pras

making “99 Red Balloons” cool again.

Playing in the Fountain
External image

The soft melody drew me in. I searched everywhere for where the sound was coming from. I looked behind the house, in the pond and realized that it was coming from near the treehouse. The sight was beautiful, the fountain was glowing with the music. I couldn’t resist it, I stepped into the water and danced until my toes were prunes. What I am wearing: Outfit ~ Penelope Dress [Sky] (comes in Baby…

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