“She was fronting her band, she was different looking, she was fucking with people’s aesthetics in terms of what was ‘pretty’, what was 'cool’, all that stuff and it was powerful. Even just her stance, where she put her foot up on the monitor and play and it felt like this is a strong person! Then there was the part that was not so… empowering I suppose, or the message didn’t feel great to me like, you know, flashing the audience, and the ranting and the raving and the criticizing of other women, the sleeping with or dating every rock star and then taking them… like, the whole being completely out of control, out of her mind on drugs.”

-Nina Gordon, Veruca Salt.


From the comment section…

You guys are honestly one of the most refreshingly authentic, raw and innovative bands out there right now.

Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt - Shutterbug

So, this just came on shuffle. I can still remember the first time I heard this. It was during high school times (but of course) while visiting a friend who had cable TV, and the music channel was on, and this clip came on, and honestly, it was the amazing grunge rock waltz chorus and outro that had me so completely sold.