Nimbus in Japan


Remember when I said my washing machine was semi-automatic so I have to pour in the water myself?  LIES AND DECEPTION.

There is a separate knob for turning on the water flow.  It’s not ON the machine, it’s BENEATH the machine.  I decided to do laundry for the first time in 3 weeks.  And I thought, there MUST be an easier way.  Come the fuck on.  And then oh look.  A little dialy knob near my feet.  What if I turn it?  -hears the sound of water flowing into the washing machine-

-screams and falls on the floor-

Tash got to witness this firsthand.  Via Skype video.  Because I was trying to show her, oh look, look at my stupid washing machine.  Watch me fill it up manually!  And then… no.  NOPE.  Stupid is me.  Watch the washing machine fill itself. 


On another cold and windy, miserable day (god I love winter), I went for a walk around Shibuya.  My goal was to find the XXXHolic cafe, but I was thwarted by a private party that rented the cafe out for the entire friggin’ day.  Oh well.  Better luck tomorrow, I supposed.  

I did find a Disney castle and had lunch at the Loft cafe.  Their mascot is a bird thing… so they brand their burgers with it.  It’s… sort of cute?  It’s also why there’s egg in basically everything.  And that made it less cute.

I also spent a good hour in Tower Records listening to music samples.  Rediscovered Miyavi.  Love his new single, Ahead of the Light.