Nie wiem, co takiego ma w sobie (…), że staję się przy nim taka emocjonalna pod każdym względem. Moje uczucia wobec niego są pogmatwane. W jednej go nienawidzę a w następnej chce go pocałować. Czuję przy nim rzeczy, o których nawet nie wiedziałam, że mogę czuć, i to nie tylko w sferze seksualnej. Sprawia, że śmieję się i płaczę, krzyczę i wrzeszczę ale i przede wszystkim - przy nim czuję, że żyję.
—  Anna Todd ‘After. Płomień pod moją skórą’

[SUPPORT] 160925 Eyes On RYU rice wreath @ Ryu Jun Yeol birthday fanmeeting

For his birthday this 2016, Eyes On RYU along with his lovely fans around the world have donated 400kg of rice to Gwangju to show our support and celebrate his birthday together.

We believe that happiness and love should be shared, and we hope not only will Ryu Jun Yeol-nim and his fans are happy, but so will the rest of the world. We hope through this simple gesture, our support and love for our actor Ryu Jun Yeol will be felt even if we are miles and miles away.

May happiness and love fill you not only today, but for the rest of the days to come.

Happy birthday, Ryu Jun Yeol-nim!
Our eyes are only on you!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this birthday support. Let’s keep on supporting Ryu Jun Yeol together in the future! ^^

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Miales kiedys tak ze, masz niby przyjaciela z ktorym dlugo sie znacie ale czasami wydaje ci sie ze nim nie jest przez jego zachowanie? Nie wiem jak sobie z tym radzic ... czasami chce uciec od tej osoby

Znam to…

Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand!
I visited the Patara elephant farm on, 3rd of February 2015! I honestly can not even explain how much I recommend visiting this place it was so amazing! 

The camp is set up for elephants who have been mistreated in zoos and for logging, also the ones used in shows where they are not given enough space to be free and get the exercise they need everyday to be healthy! Also using them to perform tricks and other meaningless cruel activities. This makes them mentally sick and usually when they are in these circumstance for too long they eventually lash out and start attacking each other or the trainers.

The camp tries to get the elephants back to a stable state of mind and breeding! If they elephants become stable enough they release them back into the wild if not they just keep them on the farm which is huge! They have space to freely roam and do whatever they want, giving them enough space to interact with other elephants and get the exercise and correct amount of food they need daily!

We did the Elephant Career for a day! Which included us making sure our elephant was healthy and emotionally well to do the adventure! Obviously we had someone show us how to tell and what to look for! 

We got paired with an elephant that best suited our personalities, I was paired with Nim he was a little wild and impatient haha!

Once we had done the inspection and made sure they were alright! We fed our elephant a mixture of bananas and sugar cane! Then we cleaned the dirt off our elephants back ready to ride!

We rode the elephant about 1 hour up the mountain in the jungle of Chiang Mai! Once we reached the top we had an amazing traditional Thai lunch! The food was amazing! Then we rode down the other side of the mountain to a waterfall where we swam with the elephant and also washed and scrubbed them!

All round I had the most amazing day and could not recommend it more! This is something you have to do at least once in your life time! I will be returning thats for sure!


Sorry I’ve been so inactive here on my main the past couple months, but I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of art over on Umami Town.  Here’s a photoset of a bunch that art.  I’ve been using it to experiment with my digital process after mostly sticking to traditional media for finished pieces the past couple years.  It’s been very helpful as I had never previously reached a comfortable place with shading digitally in photoshop.

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