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Regarding the passing of The Ho’s fansite master

Some of you may have heard but it’s with a heavy heart that we want to inform you that Jhope’s fansite master The Ho’s passed away recently due to a sudden brain hemorrhage. We’re deeply sorry to hear such sad news and we hope her family and friends find strength in this difficult time. 

As a way to honor her hard work and her immense love for Hoseok, tonight we are going to share her amazing pictures with all of you one last time.

I have no doubts that through all the work she shared with us, she always managed to make us all feel a little bit happier. Let’s take this moment and smile once more with all the beautiful memories she made with Hoseok and Bangtan. 

Please keep her and her loved ones in your thoughts. 

Rest in peace, Master-nim.

We lost a family member today dear ARMYs.
더호쓰-nim (@THEHO218) was one of the most dedicated fansitenims we had.
She loved & supported the boys so much all these years.
She had a real talent in capturing art…and she shared this with us.
Her photos brought joy to many of us, and we will forever be grateful.
My deepest condolences to her family and friends.
Let’s keep her in our prayers.

정말 감사합니다 더호쓰님. ❤

i’m really broken up about the poor hoseok fansite master-nim…she was so young and such a light, just like hoseok. she donated 2 organs in her passing so she could save 2 lives. her photos were beautiful and really captured the beauty of hoseok’s smile…i hope they can be reunited in heaven one day

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping humidity up? I have my mister soaking the terrarium 4 times a day and the whole mesh top is covered aside from where the light sits and it doesn’t even give off much heat. Plus I keep the 2 moss containers in there moist Even with all that the humidity drops to like 18% real fast??? I know it’s dry here but damn. I feel like the hygrometer might be a little off. Nim is still shedding fine and isn’t showing any signs of dehydration which is why I think I should probs buy a new hygrometer…
I could get a humidifier but thats kinda last resort because I am seriously broke af right now waiting for scholarship money to come through.

Zawsze tak jest. Ten, kogo chcesz mieć, nie chce ciebie, a ten, kogo nie chcesz, chce. To niemal niemożliwe, żeby dwie osoby jednocześnie chciały mieć siebie nawzajem. Zawsze jedno biega za drugim, a kiedy się w końcu znudzi, to drugie często zaczyna się za nim uganiać. To, że dwoje ludzi ugania się za sobą nawzajem, dogania się i spotyka, to cud"

| THEHO218 |

((i’ve posted this on my wattpad but i feel like i need to get this out to all armys as much as i can.))

alright guys, i’m here to talk about a serious matter. i’m literally crying as i type.

just a few minutes ago, i’ve learnt about a fansite-nim ((@THEHO218 on twitter)) has just passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. ((sudden cerebral hemorrhage)) she was and still is an angel. she helped two people to live by donating her organs.

she helped bangtan and armys so much. i’ve heard some stories about her being super nice and someone i followed on twitter said that they gave her a hoseok bookmark and she was over the moon. how can we find another pure and happy soul like her again?

let’s remember her in our hearts. let’s appreciate what she had done for us. life is so fragile and this happened so suddenly. she will always be remembered and never forgotten.

thank you so much, 도호쓰-딤.


as you’ve seen in the photo, she gave hoseok that phone case which he took care of it dearly. i really hoped they boys, especially hoseok, would learn about this because she loved them so, so much. she’s an army which means she’s like a family to me.


TO ANYONE WHO IS MEETING THE BOYS SOON, please do not mention to the boys intentionally (by tagging them,tweet in them,hashtagging it,etc) , please. it’s probably something she doesn’t want them to be burdened with plus, we have to have respect for her friends and family. what we can do is to keep her in our prayers and remember her in our hearts.


to any fansite-nims reading this, i truly appreciate your hard work and effort put into helping armys and the boys get closer, without you guys, many things wouldn’t have been a success.


to all armys, thank you for being in the family, life’s fragile and we can lose anyone, anytime. so let’s not fight, within ourselves or other fandoms, it doesn’t matter. let’s just stay happy and make our boys happy. that’s all we need to do.


lastly, to 더호쓰-딤, you will forever be remembered in our hearts. the boys loves you and so do armys. you are an angel for donating your organs and saving two people’s lives after you’ve passed on. you are family and it’s heartbreaking to lose someone like you. rest in peace, you are in a better place now.


someone posted a translation of the message on her twitter. please do refer to pictures to understand more about the situation. ((credits: hopenight_sg on twitter))

anonymous asked:

any: to everyone who knows what happened to fansite-nim (THEHO218 on twitter), please do not hashtag anything about her death or intentionally mention the boys. according to her friend, it was her last wish to not let the boys know of her passing. my heart hurts as i type this but let's remember her in our hearts and remember the boys gained a guardian angel that is alway watching them from the above, protecting them. rest in peace, 더호쓰-딤. you will never be forgotten. -happy virus anon

also, if you can afford it, support her first and last photobook/project, it’s called “FOR REAL”. her family is helping her to create it. thank you so much. - happy virus anon

Hey happy virus anon. Yeah i heard the news right when I got home. She’s all over my twitter feed right now. It appears she was a beautiful soul who was very beloved in the ARMY community. I was actually just looking through her fantaken photos of Hobi and she gifted us with so many gorgeous images of our Sunshine boy.

She dedicated a lot of her time and put a lot of love into these photos so I’ll queue up a bunch of her shots for you all to appreciate.

♡Admin K


Kocham śmiertelnie chłopaka, dla którego jestem nikim. Spotyka się ze mną aby zaspokoić potrzeby fizyczne, a ja nie umiem mu powiedzieć nie, ponieważ jest moim całym światem i nie potrafię tego przerwać. Od czasu relacji z nim (9 miesięcy) złamałam serca 5 innym chłopakom, nie umiem nikogo pokochać w taki sam sposób. Boże, dlaczego muszę się tak wyniszczać?

Life is an inextricably difficult and yet the most dreadful thing that ever comes to live in fear by tragic. Yes, it still horrifies me the fact when your closest friends or family, or the person devoted and raised you for all these years in such fond of tendency and love, careness as that person/those people that had gave into us has now suddenly passed away down to the spot without a single mark. 

And it feels like my heart is shattering right now.  

 더호쓰-nim while you were handling your camera and your fansite, you were mostly supportive at everything relating for one of those crucial days and moments. You did a lot of toil of efforts as much as you can to help those two people by your donating your organs due to the charity procurement service. And you give them remarkable hope to live a second chance of life. You are the light of hope.

Gifting presents and sending messages to your loved ones with such kindness and compassion. Thank you! for everything towards at those heartfelt moments. Your genuine of hardwork and trustful benefits won’t ever be forgotten.

(Even if it is too late i’m concerned and desperately wish you were okay for those past few weeks…)

Please don’t ever force or restrain yourself out.

Always be yourself as who you are.

My deepest condolences to her family and friends. May her soul rest in peace.

Once for all BTS and A.R.M.Ys families, friends will never forget who you are.

Patara Elephant Farm, Chiang Mai, Thailand!
I visited the Patara elephant farm on, 3rd of February 2015! I honestly can not even explain how much I recommend visiting this place it was so amazing! 

The camp is set up for elephants who have been mistreated in zoos and for logging, also the ones used in shows where they are not given enough space to be free and get the exercise they need everyday to be healthy! Also using them to perform tricks and other meaningless cruel activities. This makes them mentally sick and usually when they are in these circumstance for too long they eventually lash out and start attacking each other or the trainers.

The camp tries to get the elephants back to a stable state of mind and breeding! If they elephants become stable enough they release them back into the wild if not they just keep them on the farm which is huge! They have space to freely roam and do whatever they want, giving them enough space to interact with other elephants and get the exercise and correct amount of food they need daily!

We did the Elephant Career for a day! Which included us making sure our elephant was healthy and emotionally well to do the adventure! Obviously we had someone show us how to tell and what to look for! 

We got paired with an elephant that best suited our personalities, I was paired with Nim he was a little wild and impatient haha!

Once we had done the inspection and made sure they were alright! We fed our elephant a mixture of bananas and sugar cane! Then we cleaned the dirt off our elephants back ready to ride!

We rode the elephant about 1 hour up the mountain in the jungle of Chiang Mai! Once we reached the top we had an amazing traditional Thai lunch! The food was amazing! Then we rode down the other side of the mountain to a waterfall where we swam with the elephant and also washed and scrubbed them!

All round I had the most amazing day and could not recommend it more! This is something you have to do at least once in your life time! I will be returning thats for sure!