Nikon's 34th Annual Photo Contest no longer accepting film photos

In a questionable move to try drag an aging contest into the present day, Nikon have decided to scrap eligibility for all analogue images in their newly rebranded annual photo contest.

Image data files created with digital cameras (including medium- and large-format cameras). Images that have been retouched using software or by other means will be accepted. Both color and monochrome images will be accepted. (Scans of photographs taken with film cameras are not eligible.)

Previously known as Nikon Photo Contest International, the changes made to this year are minimal at best and destructive at worst. The minor change of title to drop “International” from the name and an inclusion of a new “Motion Snapshot” category do not outweigh the idiocy of neglecting a major part of the photographic community. It’s an obvious push for consumers to upgrade dinosaur analogue equipment to shiny new Nikon camera but unfortunately, it’s these precise moves that have negated companies from photographers’ trust. Marketing is a carefully managed tool of business and it’s difficult to come out from this competition without the feeling that you’ve just been given a sales pitch by those in charge at Nikon. It’s a cheap, tactless way of integrating new technology at the expense of what lies at the heart of art photography.