Nikon P520

my name is finney, and this is my favorite photo i’ve ever taken. i took it in florida, standing in the sweltering humidity with my small nikon p520 in hand. i snapped it quickly, mouthed a thank you to the woman, and left without checking the photo. when i did check it much, much later, i had a ear-to-ear smile all day. i loved it.

i try to capture the natural atmosphere and light in a photo, how someone would see it as i saw it. as a kid, i would receive disposable cameras leftover from vacations, so i’d take pictures of everything around me, people, plants, skies, buildings, everything really, and i’m still doing that. one photo can be radically different from the last. i’m not proffesional by any means, my technical knowledge is limited, but i do my best to work with colors, forms, and framing to find a good photograph.