Nikon P520


So well this pictures of mine have already like almost 2 weeks but decided to post em not sure wwhy but it looks so amazing that i can’t just not post it somewhere, this picture of the moon was photographed with a NIKON P520 a rlly nice camera with 42 x zoom ;o; u like it?

O btw those pics are different ^they are 2, the last one is one of em amplified so u can see the details ;o;



So I bought a Nikon Coolpix P520 as a nice little present for myself with my final Taco Bell paycheck, hoping to someday delve into concert photography. All I can say is… holy hell. The quality on this thing is staggering. These pictures are from me messing around in my backyard with absolutely no prior experience in photography. Awesome quality, very user-friendly, and with a 42x optical zoom, I’ll be able to get HQ shots of the sweat droplets on Brendon Urie’s forehead at that Panic! at the Disco/Fall Out Boy show in Cleveland next month.