Nikolaj Lie Kaas


Men & Chicken - Cover Man Mag (x) (x)

“Painful masturbation and copious amounts of dry beating. Life is hard for the five brothers in Men & Chickens: Anders Thomas Jensen’s first feature film in 10 years. A bit like Flashing Lights, The Green Butchers and Adam’s Apples. Just much, much worse. We had a chat with 5 feature film currently gentlemen”


Watch here the official video for “Hvor Små Vi Er”, or “How Small We Are”, the 2005 Danish charity single for tsunami relief under the name Giv Til Asien. They raised more than 3 million Kroner (500.000 dollars) for the victims of the natural disaster. Thirteen times platinum. (x)

This is the responsability fate takes
It doesn’t matter what we do, it makes no difference
When it strikes, it all falls apart
Because it reminds us of how small we are


Hilarious Danish Red Cross commercial - Mads and danish actors ( Paprika Steen, Zlato Buric, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Sonja Richter)

Red Cat! Red Cat! Red Cat! :D