Hermes  ☤ :

               ༆ god of : trade & merchants, heralds, guide of the dead, roads, travellers & hospitality, contests, gymnasiums & the games, thievery & trickery, animal husbandry, language & crafty wiles, feasts & banquets, protector of the home, sleep & dreams of omen, birds of omen, rustic divination, astronomy & the calendar, guard dogs, rustic music, poetry & animal fables.   

               ༆ sacred animals & plants : hare, hawk, tortoise, cattle, crocus, strawberry tree. 

               ༆ title/epithets : slayer of argos, keeper of the flocks, guide of souls, immortal guide, ram bearer, of the market place, three-headed (of road-intersections), of the games, champion, interpretor, translator, of the gateway, of the fore-temple, minister, messenger of the gods, messenger of the blessed ones, of the golden wand, thief, robber, rustler, leader of the robbers & thieves, deceiver, dissembler, trickster, full of various wiles, many-turning, busy one, slayer of oxen, shepherd, comrade of the feast, heart-delighting, luck-bringing, keen-sighted, giver of good things, giver of joy, famous, glorious, bright, strong, mighty.