cinnamon roll vs problematic fave: black metal edition

Satyr: very nice cinnamon roll, not overly cinnamon, but cinnamon enough to be a beautiful roll

Frost: who tf knows with this guy. probably cinnamon roll

Hoest: very problematic and very fave, nominated for ultimate problematic fave #1

Niklas Kvarforth: fighting for #1 place with hoest, very problematic, but super fave as well

Fenriz: dad kind of cinnamon roll. probably has a very problematic side but hes too enjoyable for anyone to care

Erik Danielsson: very cinnamon. only talks about his music with references to his spirituality in every fucking sentence. if he has a problematic side, he hides it well. harmless and very sweet. probably one of the most cinnamon-y people on this list but somehow not as noticably cinnamon?

Necrobutcher: the smollest cinnamon roll of all. very tiny, very cinnamon

Euronymous: tries very hard to be a problematic fave, fails miserably. will deny his inner cupcake despite the blatantly obvious fact that he is among the most purest of all rolls. very cinnamon, must protect

Dead: rowdy cinnamon roll, will act as a problematic fave to mess with you but wont actually harm anyone. an innocent childlike cinnamon that must be protected

Varg Vikernes: not even a problematic fave anymore tbh. hes just a flat out problem

Seregor: like satyr, hes not the overly cutsie cinnamon roll type, but still cinnamon enough to be considered a beautiful roll

Namtar: quiet cinnamon roll. might have a hidden problematic side, but its impossible to know. filed under cinnamon roll

Ardek: the only truly pure cinnamon roll of those three

Gaahl: problematic as hell but nobody fucking cares. everyone thinks hes only problematic for the aesthetic but he is actually one of the most problematic faves ever. has perfected the art of being problematic and getting away with it

feel free to add more


if youre having a bad day please watch this ok