‘’As far as Nikki Bella trying to wedge her way into Smackdown, she hasn’t tried that YET…that doesn’t mean she’s not going to.’’

LORD could you imagine nikki vs carmella or nikki vs alexa or nikki vs naomi please let nikki come back as a smackdown superstar

That’s because he was injured. You make it seem like he wasn’t injured and out of the title picture. At this point it just looks like Seth is being handed opportunities because he had multiple title matches since his return and now he has ANOTHER one at SummerSlam, for what though?

There are other people who would kill to have a title shot but WWE continues to give title shots to the saaaaaaame old people. Hell, it’s funny because Nikki Bella has been out for a minute now and people are already saying they don’t want her in the title shot but Seth gets injured and deserves to be in the title shot? Again?

Seth has literally been in the title shot since NXT. It doesn’t matter if he was injured or not, WWE needs to give opportunities to other people. But we all seem to forget that Seth is the golden boy so he is privileged as fuck right now.

If people should get title opportunities because they got injured then John Cena, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Tamina, Tyson Kidd, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Adrian Neville, Randy Orton and whoever else that got injured or is coming back from an injury should get a title shot.

Especially Tyson Kidd since he’s been out for more than a year now.

machetegirl: Success and inspiration do not just take on one form. This group of hard working and talented women are ready to make history. I love the attention these girls are commanding! Eventually people will get tired of telling you “you can’t do something” You just have to have the energy left to charge forward and seize the moment! #wwe #womenswrestling #newera