So two years ago, things were a little different. More spherical.

I guess the point in this post is to highlight that often the most insurmountable tasks can be conquered with dedication and perseverance. It’s much less the opportunity to self gratuitously show-off.

Yeah we might make you laugh, or at least smile, but we want our journey to be something that helps you with your own personal journey. 

We’re not saying any of you need to lose weight, or grow a twin, we’re trying to show you that you can achieve anything and do anything (legal.)

If you want to dye your hair bright green, go for it! If you want to climb Kilimanjaro then do it!

Hey, we started making videos on this website called YouTube, and that was TERRIFYING! Though it’s been 7 months and we've never looked back.

Too long, didn’t read; when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Most of all, do it for yourself. You don’t need to feel trapped by anyone else; all that matters, is that you are ’you’ and that this ’you’ makes you happy.

Now go find that green hair dye, and your hiking gear; we’ve got a mountain to climb!

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Why are people in the YouTube community defending rape?

Quick run down: Jason (aka Veeoneeye with 420k+ subscribers) gave a 15 year old alcohol, got her drunk and then raped her

-When someone is under the influence of alcohol they cannot consent to sex
-She was under the legal age of consent

He raped her.
No excuses or sob stories, he raped her.

Some people are defending him and saying she should have realised something was up. Why should she? Legally she was a child, so why shoud she expect a man she was a fan of to rape her? Also his video where he basically gives excuses has more likes than dislikes, why?!

An explanation (I would highly recommend watching)
Ania’s video (the girl)
Jason’s defence

There is no excuse for rape, the continued support of rape is making other victims afraid or ashamed to come forward in similar situations