The Belasco, Los Angeles, Q&A. Someone asked where he likes to shop for clothes.

He laughed and then identified where each clothing item came from including shoes from Bloomingdales, pants from All Saints (which he later confirmed were from Graceland and he has them in EVERY COLOR), shirt from John Elliott, beanie from Urban Outfitters and… Calvin Klein underwear from Amazon…

QA man: “Prove it.”

Aaron without hesitation… 👀👀

He confirmed he likes to shop at Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitter and Nike Town.

A few of Aaliyah’s favorite things:

Writer: Stephen King. I don’t know how he thinks of the things he thinks of. His books really scare me… and I like that!

Band: Queen. Their songs are just spectacular. My favorite is Bohemian Rhapsody.

Place to hang out: The mall. I could shop all day long. My favorite shop is Nike Town. I’m a Nike addict and Nike Town is a huge store with nothing but Nike.

Actor: Denzel Washington. I really enjoyed his performance in Malcolm X, and ever since then I’ve admired his talent.

Jewelry: I love silver. I only wear silver - no gold. My favorite piece of jewelry is my silver chain with a Tasmanian Devil medallion. I wear it everywhere.

Pet: I have a four-month-old pug named Tour. He’s adorable. I get to take him on tour with me.

Holiday: Martin Luther King Day. He was a very strong black leader and I have a lot of respect for him. His birthday was the day before mine, so he was a Capricorn too!

Sport to watch: Basketball. I’m a Bulls fan and I love their colors - black, red, and white. I get a lot of flak from my parents because they’re Knicks fans.

Movie: Silence of the Lambs. I love horror movies. Anthony Hopkins was so good.

Subject in school: Math. Right now I’m doing algebra in school and it comes to me very easily.

Source: Seventeen magazine, November 1994 Issue

haileydarksong  asked:

Can you just imagine an au with Sportacus owning a Nike store at Lazy Town mall, and Robbie owning a Hot Topic right across from it, and sport is always trying to walk in the Hot Topic and get Robbie to check out his store, but Robbie just locks up the store and pretends its closed.( 0w0)

!! :0 oo !! thatd b cute!!! :0 or even if sprort just had a cute lil ole smoothie shop and robbie had a bakery and they were always havin like friendly competitions and they’d stand outside w samples and flirt from across the walkway :0c