I just?? Really love geegs and their shape

So here’s some Niiues and Cerues.

(I’ll get back to doing what I should be soon, honest)

welll not much i got some undertale pages almost ready i just need a grammar check is will take a bit of time please be patient and here i made some sprites based of the game of Mother:Cognitive Dissonance yeah i been playing a lot XD the characters you see here ares  Giegue(from my au) Asriel in mother style , Niiue , Cerue ( i think that her name)  Ninten ( from my au same as giegue) Wendy (goat monster kid from my au to) and Frisk in mother style

Giegue's Door

(A CogDis fanfiction from last summer. I was always a bit uneasy about the official door in the game, and I thought I would try my hand at writing a possible door. It is spoilerific and based on a great fangame and is a bit old, but, I still enjoy it quite a bit. Maybe I’ll rework it this summer…)

You place your hand on the knob of the door and pull it open. The world around you darkens. Suffocating warmth surrounds you, moist and oppressive. You’re standing on something soft and cool. It moves ever so slightly as you stare at it, shifting from light red to almost black. You feel the pressure of eyes on you and look up. Countless pairs of eyes stare at you from the too-hot darkness. They watch each move you make and you feel a level of self-consciousness you’ve never encountered before.

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