Nightwing Damian


Grown-up-Nightwing-Damian, stop being a troll for two seconds and answer your baby clone brother’s questions!

Damn it, these are important things!

Assassin babies have to know because they’re totally not jelly you’re happy, no sir, nope not at all.

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The clone’s name will either be Kamal or Tallant.  Possibly both, if one’s a code/nickname which maybe he likes better than the other.

anonymous asked:

Hello , I am Baymax , your personal healthcare companion .On a scale of 1 to 10 , how would you like to rate your hugs to be ? (Give you a big bear hugs ) Are you satisfied with your hugs ? O--O

Tim: “OMG. I heard that you are going to be in the new Kingdom Hearts game! I can’t wait to pl-”

Jason: “Nerd.”

Dick: “I was quite satisfied with my hug, Baymax! Don’t you agree, Dami?”

Damian: “Yes. It was sufficient.”

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Could you list who you think is strongest to weakest in physical combat for the Batfamily? I think Bruce or Damian because they were trained by the masters, then Dick and Tim because their more one on one. Jason last because he is more long range pew pew. (Bonus Batgirls?)

i’m gonna put cass at the top because she was raised by assassins that prioritized fighting over speaking which puts an insane focus on physical combat 

next i’d say dick because he grew up athletic and has had the longest training of everyone 

after him, it’d be damian, who was raised an assassin, but is too young and inexperienced to be higher on the list

bruce goes right here because he grew up a rich boy with no training and forced himself to go at it in his older age so. 

then i’d say barbara because she’s had just as much training as dick, just wasn’t raised in an athletic setting, so she’s lower on the rung.

next is jason because, what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in strength. there’s a reason he was able to decapitate so many people

i can’t accurately place stephanie  on the list because i don’t know much about her??? but i feel like she’d be here. above tim.

tim is low on the list because while he doesn’t rely on long-range, he relies heavily on strategy and doesn’t really take care of himself very well. if he’s in a situation where he can’t plan out his attacks, or he can’t read his attacker, he gets into a tight spot

Nightwing or Red Hood

Ever since Batman V Superman began filming there were rumours running rampant that a Robin has died prior to the start of the movie and this was confirmed with the Comic Con trailer.

What hasn’t been revealed is which Robin it is, so far all we know is that Batman has a burned Robin costume in the Bat Cave with the words ‘Ha ha ha jokes on you batman’ written on it, suggesting that it’s Jason Todd. The second Robin suggesting that the movie may be following the Red Hood storyline

But since then more whispers have been making their way through the internet saying that it was Batman’s son that was killed along with a supposed on set picture of a grave with Richard Greyson written on it and the Robin costume having Tim Drakes staff gives the impression that Zack Snyder has combined Jason, Tim and Damian into the Dick Greyson character

Does this mean we will get a Red Hood arc with Nightwing instead? Since Dick was the first Robin and the most known to mainstream audience it could be more logical and safer for DC to go down that road.