“I’m not that in to Night Vale” I say with some regret “It just isn’t affecting me the way it is everyone else ” I lament, drawing another Night Vale crossover. “It’s clever, and has great phrasing, but I guess I’m just not gonna latch onto it” I lament, deciding that of COURSE my Poetry Smash guys deliver The Weather, without warning or planning beforehand, they just start randomly reciting poetry (in this case Byron’s The Destruction of Sennacherib), sometimes original and sometimes not, and they go with that, because hey, why exactly not?

Since everyone is contributing there own AUs to the Undertale fandom, I thought “Hey! Why don’t I give it a try? Because I have better things to do, you say? Nonsense!”

And so I give to you “UnderVale” 

A friendly underground kingdom where the Dogs are hot, the stars are fake, and mysterious flowers whisper wishes while we all pretend we’re happy.

To start things off I’ve been asked to write a brief notice.

The Royal Guard announces the displaying of a new Artifact at the border of Waterfall and Hotland near the Lab. They would like to remind everyone that Dogs are not allowed to play with the Artifact. People are not allowed to touch the Artifact. It is possible you will see hooded figures by the Artifact. Do not pet them. Do not pet the Artifact. The fence is electrified and highly dangerous. Try not to look at the Artifact and especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures. 

The Artifact will not harm you. 

AU in which Nightvale is a town frequented by Timelords in their youth, because of all the weird stuff that happens there, which they totally have nothing to do with. The Apache Tracker is a Timelord, and decided to stay in NIghtvale because he liked the people so much. His ‘Indian Magicks’ is really Timelord tech, and the reason he doesn’t look like an actual american indian is his regenrations. That’s also why he comes back looking right, but something glitched in his regen, and he got stuck speaking russian.

The above is non-official circular gallifreyan which reads “I took a walk on the cool sand dunes, brittle grass overgrown and above me, i nthe night sky, above me i saw…”
Because that has been stuck in my head the past few days. i practically have the whole ad memorized >.<

Okay but imagine America driving along the country (probably with England too) and visiting all the teens ( mostly the human ones) that have continuously helped save the country from the supernatural. And he chats with them, promises them a full ride to whatever collage in america they would like ( because a recommendation from america must mean a lot ya know?), gives them his number and tells them to call if they need help with anything ( like anything. He mentions that even if there’s a just a difficult math, history, or science ( or languages) problem they need help with to send a text because he’s really good at those subjects and he’ll probably just be sitting at a world meeting bored out of his mind). He doesn’t straight out tell him he’s the country, introducing himself as Alfred F. Jones and leaving clues for the teens to figure it out ( few do) ( Both Stiles Stilinski and Dipper Pines crack the code after some heavy researching)

He also introduces people. Such as Stiles and Dipper who both have the common trait of having been possessed by demons.

Also he and Mabel go sweater shopping Because America totally loves sweaters and shopping and glitter

He goes to forks to visit Bella from twilight but realizes how awful she is on his way there, so he visits her dad instead because he’s cool and I hope he became a vampire hunter

He def visits Simon and Alec *major talk about dealing with homophobes for Alec * from the mortal instruments

He gives tamika flynn a stack of books and a letter of recommendation so she can attend West Point (despite her age)

He visits the gladers and helps them adjust to reality and helps them both find their families and keep the connections they have to the other gladers *coughThominewtcough*


( if you think of more people he visits please add it on :D )