If you’re like me and love NiGHTS, you probably are just as sad too see theres minimal official merch. And if you DO find any, its super expensive. 

BUT that is why it is the fan’s job to keep dead games alive! Heres the first of hopefully many more NiGHTS shirts. 

Come get it either as a sick shirt, a dreamy pillow, or get yourself a NiGHTS dream journal! Over here at my Redbubble!

This goes to Grace-of-Turt


Since this person made drawings for everyone who helped with the superSmash Bros character and drew me Valerie *Smiles*, thought I´d return the drawing thanks. Since you love this one, here is Jackle! Was fun drawing this guy *Smirks* and got me looking at the old gameplay again hehe.

Anyway. Big thanks for making others happy!
Wishing a great day!

1. I am a perfectionist. I will spend long hours just thinking of how to love you. I will spend an incredible amount of time, almost too much, figuring out what can I do to make your life amazing. But then again, I’ll spend long nights plagued by my own “what ifs” because it’s not a matter of trusting you, it’s a matter of learning to trust myself.

2. I am an introvert. I should get this out as quick as I can, I need my personal space, my personal time, my personal reflection. I am not trying to ignore you in any way, but you have to understand that life for introverts, is very draining. And I need that time to recharge. Even more importantly, I need you to understand that I need to recharge.

3. I am jealous. Not really in the bad kind of jealous, but jealous enough that makes me want to plot and scheme all the best ways I can love you more than anyone else. But here are things I will not be jealous of: your relationships, your career, your time, your space.

4. I will fight for you. If anyone disrespects, insults, undermines any part of who you are, I will have a word with them. Not just because you’re my girlfriend, but because disrespecting, insulting, undermining, those things are not what people should do to each other. But because you’re my girlfriend, I will not tolerate any but of nonsense thrown your way. I will do my best to protect you.

5. I will need your shoulder to lean on. Being me is not the easiest thing in the world. I will be disappointed, I will be dishearten, I will be discontent. But in the midst of all that, I will need your shoulder to lean on. I will need your shoulder to cry on. I will need your shoulder to confide on. As much as you may lean on me, I will trust to lean on you.

6. I will be your best friend. Laughter, secrets, sad heart throb movies, silly dancing at 2 in the morning, I want to experience all of those things with you. I want my happiest memories to be of you, with you, beside you. At this moment or even in years, I may or may not know who you are. But count on this, when I find you, I will try to be the best friend you ever will have.

7. I will love you. From the bottom of my heart to everything I have, I will love you. And it’s not the I-feel-like-loving-you-so-I-can-get-something-out-of-it loving you, it is the I-will-fight-and-protect-and-be-there-whenever-and-wherever-you-need-me-because-I-am-deeply-in-love-with-you love.

—  7 Things You Should Know Before Dating Me || -J.Kim.
I have woken up in the middle of the night, in the middle of a dream, just to check on my phone to see if I miss any messages or calls from you.
—  Nadia Deaanne (22nd August 2015)