Abnormalize - An anime openings playlist

i. Unravel // TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
ii. Goya no Machiawasa // Hello Sleepwalkers
iii. Sign // Flow
iv. Abnormalize // TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
v. Rage on // OLDCODEX
vi. Again // Yui
vii. Imagination // SPYAIR
viii. Diver // NICO touches the walls
ix. The World // Nightmare
x. Cruel Angel Thesis // Yoko Takahashi
xi. Dried Up Youthful Fame // OLDCODEX
xii. Asterisk // Orange Range
xiii. Guren no Yumiya // Linked Horizon
xiv. Beyond the Boundary // Chihara Minori
xv. Surprise Bonus Track

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                              ▬ 23. NO STRONG ALLIANCE.






   SALLY FINKLESTEIN is a sweet and shy seamstress that has taken over the family business of creating clothing for the world. While all she hears is condescending comments from her father, she has turned the bland styles they used to sell into edgy, vibrant, and alternative designs that appeal to the people of the Hallow District. Sally isn’t as useless as he seems to believe, but she’s not quite brave enough to speak out against him. Long time friend JACK SKELLINGTON is the only person that praises her for her hard work and even though he may walk over her at times, she appreciates all of his kind words and can’t ever seem to let anyone speak poorly of him. She may not always agree with him, but she is always by his side trying to be the word of reason.

The one thing she can’t seem to stress enough is that IGOR BOGEY is not just someone interested in a playful rivalry with Jack. It’s very apparent to her that he is up to no good and that danger is approaching sooner than the people of the Hallow District think. Everyone is always telling her that she’s overreacting, and she can’t help but second guess herself about it.

Will she be able to be brave and convince Jack Skellington that Igor Bogey and the Heartless are a live, and actual threat? Or will her mousey nature end up not only causing her the livelihood she worked hard for, but also the people around her?





        ⋆ IGOR BOGEY : enemy
        ⋆ JACK SKELLINGTON : love interest
        ⋆ LOCKSHOCKBARREL : acquaintances



        ⋆ FACECLAIM : LILY COLE ( non-negotiable )
        ⋆ GIF HUNTS : XXX
        ⋆ PLAYED BY :  MARA