Jack and Sally dresses! 

I’m getting excited for Halloween, and I know some of you guys will be too. For a while I want to focus on some more costumey designs. 

If you have a request for a costume or another design send it in here. :)

So, I usually write part of my fanfictions in my cellphone, but a few months ago my parents bought me a new phone with the condition of giving my old phone to my younger brother.

I did it and completely forget about erasing my written fanfics.

Today, he found them and was like:

And I literately did this in front of my parents and relatives:

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your Nightmare Before Christmas character…

Aries: Lock
Taurus: The Mayor of Halloween Town
Gemini: Jack Skellington 
Cancer: Clown with the Tear-Away Face
Leo: Shock
Virgo: Sandy Claws
Libra: Sally
Scorpio: Oogie Boogie
Sagittarius: Scary Teddy
Capricorn: Doctor Finkelstein
Aquarius: Barrel
Pisces: Zero


Since Midterm week is finally over and I can relax I decided to share with you all my inktober illustrations. sadly with abroad I don’t have time to do a day by day but I try. hope you enjoy them! and 100 stars if you get the acnl jokes :)