@mindtheroad The best thing about Night Light is that the love triangle was clearly and obviously SJ and GW both in love with LK. Not even once have GW and SJ regarded each other in a romantic way. In fact, they bonded over their shared affection for LK and even joked about it sometimes, how they always ended up talking about her because for the both of them it’s always about her. There’s this scene in the last episodes where SJ literally says to GW “we both like LK and we both hate her”, we all know the nature of GW’s feelings and SJ puts herself on the same level, they are equals on that aspect. I’m not even gonna talk about car dates, dinner dates and that friggin photo SJ keeps with her everywhere. They might not have ended up together but the undertone was there all along. Also, a round of applause for a show where the original couple come to terms with past feelings and move on with life with no visible indication of them getting back together (it also gave GW some backbone when he finally stopped being hung up on those feelings and finally actively played into the game, I liked him a LOT better then).
NL is the furthest a mainstream kdrama would go with non-straight leads without them out right saying it.