Many people would assume that ballerinas were always graceful, always elegant, but christine was a tad bit clumsy. Often, she would stub her toes and hips of tables and objects on the floor, or in some cases fall up (or down stairs) of course she did her best to hide the sometimes dark bruises on her leg with powder. But sometimes she forgot. Today being one of them.

Of course most of the corps knew about her clumsiness and every now and then teased her playfully about it. Of course didn’t mind, though she was afraid some people would.

After a long day of rehersal for the upcoming performance, christine entered her dressing room where she took of her Pointe shoes and costume and changed into a light night gown.

Mary fucking Winchester is back and Sam got shot

This can’t be happening, I mean yay the world is not ending, Chuck and Amara patch things up, and Dean isn’t dying again. But this is a new can of worms that I am not prepared for. Sam “supposedly” got shot and I can not deal with that let alone the fact that Mary Winchester is fucking alive and kicking in the night gown she died in at the exact moment Dean is trying to find he’s way back from almost dying yet again. I can’t deal with right and most definitely can’t wait for season 12.

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peignoir is a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or another translucent fabric. The word comes from French peignoir (to comb the hair), describing a garment worn while brushing one’s hair, originally referring to a dressing gown or bathrobe.


“It was long before the terror of recent events subsided; and to this hour the image of Carmilla returns to memory with ambiguous alternations—sometimes the playful, languid, beautiful girl; sometimes the writhing fiend I saw in the ruined church; and often from a reverie I have started, fancying I heard the light step of Carmilla at the drawing room door.”

I didn’t exactly come up with a costume, instead just dressed like a literary reference no one would just guess. Still, it’s an excuse to wear this nightgown/dressing gown pairing I found on Etsy with a black wig and my Osteal Chesire moon necklace.