Night of a Thousand Stars

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update for jealous!derek? thanks!

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours by tearsandholdme (complete | 87,383 | Rated M)

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”
It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.

Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars by alisvolatpropiis (complete | 5,628 | NR)

“It was a true love spell,” he admits quietly. “It was supposed to help me find my true love. And apparently I suck at magic as much as I suck at dating because I screwed this up too.”
In which Stiles’ Valentine’s Day love spell goes very wrong.
Or perhaps very right.

archive by Steamcraft (complete | 9,394 | Rated M)

From Stiles at 9:08pm: druk*
From Stiles at 9:08pm: druck**
From Stiles at 9:08pm: DRUNK
To Stiles at 9:09pm: Congratulations on achieving basic spelling.

so, hey, let’s be friends.* by standinginanicedress (complete | 29,516 | Rated E) *brief stiles/isaac, past stiles/jackson

Stiles has been fucking obsessed with famous werewolf author Derek Hale since he was fifteen years old and the first book came out. Like, embarrassingly obsessed. Like, had a poster of the guy hanging up on the wall above his bed, obsessed. When Hale moved back to Beacon Hills, Stiles just figured he’d hole himself up in his rebuilt mansion, writing his fourth book, never to fulfill Stiles’ endless daydreams about running into him and having the alpha fall madly in love with him.
It’s completely fucking improbable and nonsensical, would never happen in a million years, so of course Stiles somehow winds up in a no-strings-attached agreement with his literary idol, all while eating chicken McNuggets out of his pocket at random intervals and plotting the demise of the McFlurry mixer.

Tomorrow night is a one-hour Korra special, and the first episode of the pair is Chapter 11, “Night of a Thousand Stars,” a hilarious and dynamic script written by Josh Hamilton. Colin Heck did an amazing job directing this one, which feels like two episodes jammed into three acts every time I watch it. The image above is the movie poster featured in the episode, drawn by Christie Tseng, characters colored by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf, background painted by Emily Tetri, and art directed by me. It was based on a retro movie poster Nuktuk illustration Colin drew for fun early in Book 2. Studio Mir (back in the saddle for the remainder of Korra’s run) did incredible work on a tall order for this episode, once again. 8:00pm/7c Friday!

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Frank: That serial killer killed another woman last night.

Charlie: Really?

Frank: Yeah. It says here he’s targeting young, attractive blondes.

Dee: Okay, that’s it. I’m not closing the bar by myself anymore.

Dennis: Why? What are you worried about?

Charlie: You don’t fit the description.

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Mac is a Serial Killer”

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