Reblog if you have ADHD/ADD and…

• You can’t do simple math problems, even though you are thinking of the answer in your head.
Ex: I always can’t remember 7 • 3 or 4(It equals 21 & 28)

• You go to the search bar, but can’t remember what you were going to search
Ex: I can’t think of an example, but you should know what I mean.

• You are going to go get something, but can’t remember what.
Ex: When I was a little kid, I would go get some new thing I had to show my grandpa, and stand in my room for 5 minutes remembering what I was going to show him.

• You can’t focus on someone’s eyes because everything around you is too distracting/noisy.
Ex: I try to make eye contact with my girlfriend, but get distracted by all the things.

• You’re having a conversation, and keep changing the subject, then go back to your first subject 5 subjects later.
Ex: I try to explain Pokémon or some other game to someone, and get off topic talking about how complicated the battle system is.

• You read a book and 5 pages later have no clue what you’re reading, then go back to the earlier pages, and find new information.
Ex: Every time I read a book again, the story seems new to me.

• You’re reminded of useless trivia by everything.
Ex: Someone: Ooh look at that NES
Me: did you know that the Sega Genesis competed with the NES for two years before the SNES came out?

• You get distracted by every, little, unimportant detail, but never what you actually need to pay attention to.
Ex: There’s a tear right there, and there’s a different shade of green over there.

Some of these things may be normal, and I just don’t ask others about it.

One day in like 20 years kids are gonna think they’re so cool for listening to twenty one pilots and fall out boy and for watching “real” and “actually funny” youtubers like Tyler Oakley, dan and Phil, Ryan higa, David dobrik, Liza, exc. “classic" youtubers will be a thing. Just you watch.