How The US Army Betrayed The Hero of The First Fort Hood Shooting

Kimberly Munley was shot three times taking down Nidal Hasan in 2009. Then she got laid off. Yet she’s never stopped fighting for the victims the military ‘betrayed’ in that shooting.

Just as in the last mass shooting at Fort Hood, the massacre on Wednesdayended when the gunman was confronted by a very brave policewoman.

“It was clearly heroic what she did at that moment in time,” Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said of the officer in the more recent horror.

Hopefully, the still-unidentified hero in this week’s attack will be treated better than Fort Hood Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley was after the massacre in 2009 in which she was shot three times and flatlined twice at the hospital.

Munley, and her equally heroic comrade Fort Hood Police Sgt. Mark Todd, were honored by President Obama and invited to sit with the first lady at the State of the Union address—only to be laid off due to budget cuts.

The suddenly unemployed Munley returned to her native North Carolina and concentrated on raising the two daughters she came so close to never seeing again. She offered no public complaint about being “excessed” along with Todd and other civilian police officers who had been hired for military bases when soldiers were busy with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She did protest loudly when the military victims of the shootings were denied combat benefits and Purple Hearts because the Army classified the incident as “workplace violence” rather than a terrorist attack.

“Betrayed is a good word,” she said of how the soldiers had been treated, but saying nothing about herself.

Todd signed on with a civilian contractor in Afghanistan. He returned safely only to suffer a stroke two days later, which left him unable to speak. That meant he was also later unable to testify against Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist-turned-jihadi gunman.

Munley spoke for both of them from the stand, describing how she had been washing her squad car on Nov. 5, 2009, when she heard a radio report of shots fired. She raced to the scene and a soldier ran past her shouting, “He’s that way! He’s that way!”

She hurried in the direction from which the soldier was fleeing and spied a man in combat fatigues.

“Then I saw a red flash of a laser cross my eyes,” she told the military tribunal.

“She’s a good woman. That’s how we should be. That’s how we all should be.”

She instantly understood that it was the laser sight attached to the automatic pistol the man was now firing at her.

“I fire an unknown amount of shots, and he was running toward my direction continuing to fire rapidly,” she testified.

Munley went down with wounds to her upper leg, knee, and hand. A bullet had struck a femoral artery and it was gushing blood as she kept firing. Her pistol then jammed and she could only watch the gunman advance and point his gun directly at her head.

“I see him standing over me trying to fire his weapon, and his is not firing as well,” Munley said.

She realized his weapon had also jammed.

“He tries to fix his weapon and stumbles off a bit, and I hear Sgt. Todd yell, ‘Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon!’” she recalled.

Munley said that Todd then fired the shot that brought Hasan down and paralyzed him. Munley remained conscious enough to hear a doctor at the hospital say, “We’re losing her.”

She had survived to help ensure Hasan was convicted and sentenced to death. She then resumed her campaign to get the military victims what she viewed as their due benefits and honors. She was no less passionate because civilians such as herself were not eligible under any circumstances.

A month ago, on March 7, Munley phoned Whiskey Creek, the biggest country-western bar in Killeen, the town adjoining to Fort Hood. She had only to speak her name to command the owner’s instant respect.

“You don’t forget things like that,” he later said.

Munley told him that she and the country-western stars the Mulch Brothers had joined in an effort to raise money for the Fort Hood victims. The owner immediately agreed to let them hold a benefit at his establishment the following Friday. He helped paper the whole area with fliers.

On March 14, a big crowd filled Whiskey Creek. Munley stepped onto the stage at the start and received rousing cheers from folks of Fort Hood and Killeen who remember her heroism, even though the government essentially discarded her. She once more spoke not of herself but of the wounded soldiers.

“She’s a good woman,” said the owner, who asked not to be identified by name. “That’s how we should be. That’s how we all should be.”

One person who seems to be very much like Munley is the military policewoman who ended Wednesday’s mass shooting by confronting the gunman, Ivan Lopez. He raised his hands as if in surrender, then suddenly reached down and produced from under his coat the pistol he had purchased from the same local gun shop as the previous mass shooter. She fired, but the bullet that killed him was apparently one fired by his own weapon, when he raised it to his head.

The hero policewoman in this shooting was not wounded. She is also in no danger of being laid off, though that is not in recognition of her bravery, only because she is an active-duty soldier.

The hero policewoman who was laid off after the previous mass shooting said on Thursday that she will not be speaking to reporters in the wake of the recent one. She did issue a statement:

“In light of the most recent incident at Fort Hood, I would like to ask that everyone keep all the victims, their families, the first responders, and those both directly and/or indirectly involved, in your prayers.

Shall there be any fund set up locally in the Fort Hood area, any group support channel, or any way to aid the victims and their recovery process, I urge and task all of you to extend your hand to accomplish that request.

I am proud of our soldiers who all showed courage, our military in its entirety, our military police officers, our Department of the Army civilian police officers, our emergency medical personnel staff, our fire department and staff, and any other individuals I may have left out who teamed up together to aid in putting an end to this horrible situation. Your service, courage, and dedication is greatly appreciated and shall never be forgotten.”

Meanwhile, the Spread the Mulch Tour continued, benefiting victims of what was in fact a terrorist attack in 2009. The Mulch Brothers’ next stop is at the Tequila Cowboy Bar and Grill in Nashville on Friday, April 4.

Maybe next year, the two hero policewomen could join together on a tour benefiting the victims of both shootings. The second horror was not a terrorist attack, but the victims are in equal need, just as the heroes were equally brave.
Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Writes Chilling Letter to Islamic State Leader

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan authored a chilling letter to the Islamic State terror group’s leader, asking to be admitted as a “citizen” of the caliphate. The undated 2-page letter, obtained by Fox News, was addressed to “Ameer, Mujahid Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” “I formally…

This was not a "workplace incident” as deemed by Obama. The 2009 Fort Hood shooting was an act of terrorism. And Hasan wanting to be a citizen of ISIS only confirms that.

Nidal Hasan: "The evidence will clearly show I am the shooter"

Well, there you go. Guilty as charged.

from Washington Times:

Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s trial opened Tuesday, and the former Muslim military psychiatrist who admitted killing 13 at Fort Hood in 2009 as a defense of Islam will be acting as his own attorney.

Officially, the government is still classifying the shooting rampage as an act of “workplace violence,” effectively shutting the doors on Purple Heart military awards.

“When people can finally start reporting on the actual evidence that’s introduced at this trial, people are going to see how incredibly brutal this was, and incredibly heartbreaking,” said Geoffrey Corn, a professor at the South Texas College of Law, in Time. “This is a heartbreaking case.”

Maj. Hasan, 39 at the time of the rampage, killed 13 and wounded more than 30 others, and now faces a possible death sentence. He was paralyzed from the waist down when an officer shot him, and he will defend himself during trial from a wheelchair.

Maj. Hasan has claimed that he shot his victims in defense of Taliban leadership, Time reported. Yet the U.S. government still characterizes the shooting as “workplace violence,” – effectively shutting the door to victims’ receipt of the Purple Heart, The Daily Beast reported.

read the rest

“Workplace violence.”  What a bunch of horse hockey.  It was Islamic terrorism, we all know it, and Hasan admits it. 

Fort Hood gunman must shave or be forcibly shaved ahead of trial

Colonel Gregory Gross, the judge overseeing the trial of Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan, has told the suspect he will be forcibly shaved prior to his August 20 trial if he does not remove his beard himself. Hasan has refused to cut the beard, citing its importance to his religion, and has spent the last month observing court proceedings on closed-circuit television in a trailer near the courthouse. The judge called for the trailer, because Hasan’s beard violates army regulations on facial hair, but wants him in the room in August to prevent an appeal. (Photo via AP) source

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On November 5th, 2009, a U.S. Army major serving as a psychiatrist entered the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood in Texas, armed with an FN Five-seven pistol and opened fire. The shooter, identified as Nidal Hasan, murdered 13 people and injured 30 in roughly 10 minutes. Hasan’s motive for the shooting was to protect Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. Hasan, representing himself at his trial, attempted to justify the shooting by citing a “defense of others” law but the presiding judge has banned him from doing so.

Evidence presented has clearly proved the shooting was an act of terrorism and was labeled as such the following day. The Defense Department later reclassified the shooting as “workplace violence,” claiming that “the threat of Islamic extremism” was seen in “the context of a broader threat of workplace violence.”

Classifying the shooting as workplace violence is incredibly insulting to the victims. They have been denied a Purple Heart medal and they have been robbed of the benefits other soldiers receive if they are wounded in combat. Nidal Hasan is still receiving his salary, and has been paid almost $300,000 since the shooting.

Victims of Fort Hood Terror Shooting to Receive Purple Hearts... Maybe

Victims of Fort Hood Terror Shooting to Receive Purple Hearts… Maybe

Washington, DC – It looks like the military victims of the Fort Hood shooting will now be eligible to receive their Purple Heart medals, thanks to some members of Congress that have refused to give up the fight against the previous labeling of the massacre as “workplace violence.”

External image

In 2009 Army Major Nidal Hasan walked into the Soldier Readiness Center with two loaded handguns and opened fire. It…

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Nidal Hasan sentenced to death for Fort Hood shooting rampage

Nidal Malik Hasan was sentenced to death for killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in 2009.

Look, the last time the military executed someone on death row was in the 60s, so he’s not going to be a martyr anytime soon, but I stand by what I wrote here. Both of these men committed horrific crimes, both acknowledged their guilt, both deserve to be punished, to spend the rest of their lives in jail.   The argument could be made, I suppose, that by giving Hasan the death penalty he was actually getting what he wanted (look at his defense, or lack thereof.)

Robert Bales, who was responsible for the Khandahar Massacre that left 16 people dead, women and children among them, was allowed to plead guilty and avoided the death penalty.  Hasan was denied that opportunity, and faces death. Something’s not right there.

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP) — The Army psychiatrist sentenced to death for the Fort Hood shooting rampage has been forcibly shaved, an Army spokesman said Tuesday.

Maj. Nidal Hasan began growing a beard in the years after the November 2009 shooting that left 13 dead and 30 wounded. The beard prompted delays to his court-martial because it violated Army grooming regulations. He was convicted of all charges last month at his court-martial at the Central Texas Army post and sentenced to death.

Now, Hasan is an inmate at the U.S. Detention Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., home to the military death row. Lt. Col. S. Justin Platt, an Army spokesman, said in a statement Tuesday that Hasan had been shaved. He did not specify when or provide details, however.

Y'know, I used to be in the military, and I’m going to fill you all in on a little secret. We aren’t all running around with guns on our hips. In fact, the only guys who do are the cops, pretty much just like real life. And since it basically is just like real life, the advice to run and hide during a shooting rampage is just as true for military members as it is for civilians.

Of course, in certain people’s minds, the entire armed services are full of Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, so we should all be shooting back at this guy who got the drop on us. God help everyone if I had to take this guy down. I haven’t shot a gun in five years; I’d probably accidentally kill everyone in the room but him.

By: Don
From: Fort Hood and the rarity of military executions (There are some real fucking gems in the comment section for this article. I suggest you check them out.)
Ramsey Clark confirms offer to represent alleged Fort Hood shooter

FORT HOOD — A former U.S. attorney general who represented Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic has reached out to the accused Fort Hood shooter to possibly represent him at trial.

Ramsey Clark, when reached Tuesday in New York, confirmed that he sent word last week to Maj. Nidal Hasan indicating his interest in representing the Army psychiatrist in his trial, set to begin next week.

Lawyers and the military judge learned of Clark’s interest in the case during a pretrial hearing on post Tuesday. Hasan asked for and was denied an 11th hour request for a three-day delay to confer with Clark over possible representation.

“I sent word to his brother in Jerusalem that I was very disturbed with him facing trial without a lawyer,” Clark said.

Fox Nation Simply Does Not Care For Fort Hood Suspect’s Fancy Sky Limousine

From Fox Nation, another exciting claim with only a tangential connection to reality: “VIP Treatment: Accused Fort Hood Shooter Gets Daily Helicopter Rides.” How shocking! We bet he gets his very own toilet, right in his cell, too! Why on earth is Major Nidal Hasan gallivanting around in a helicopter like some kind of king, or should we say, like his buddy, Barack Hussein Obama?

While a prisoner awaiting trial, Hasan is ferried by helicopter nearly every day, complete with an additional helicopter escort and security detail, for the 20-mile journey between the Bell County Jail and Fort Hood, courtesy of the United States Army and American taxpayers.

Astonishing! Outrageous! You know who else got free helicopter rides? Latin American dissidents and also those nuns!


Close shave for Hasan.

Nidal Hasan, the suspected gunman in the Fort Hood military complex shooting of 2009, has been ordered to shave his beard by a US military judge. Hasan was working as a psychiatrist at Fort Hood, and was preparing for military deployment to Afghanistan leading up to the incident. The article can be found here

Evidently, Hasan’s beard is ‘disruptive’ in the courtroom. Odd, seeing as Hasan himself has had little opportunity to say much at all. The ruling will need to be approved by the Army Criminal Court of Appeals or the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces before the shave can actually take place, and if that happens a strict set of guidelines outlining the shaving procedure must be followed. Legal experts claim that the beard is being used as a delaying tactic by Hasan’s lawyers. So far, it appears to be working. Any claims on Hasan’s behalf that he wears a beard because of his religious beliefs have been refuted.

Meanwhile, Hasan is potentially facing the death penalty, and appears to be yet another patsy at the centre of a choreographed event designed to further advance the US 'terrorist’ agenda. The system is willing to revoke basic human rights, and is quick to stick a needle in someone’s arm to prematurely terminate their life. Disturbingly, many people have been destined to meet this fate regardless of whether or not a court has heard all the facts. 

The parallels between this incident and the recent Aurora 'Batman Shooting’ are clear. Both James Holmes and Nidal Hasan were involved in work directly associated with the human brain and how it functions. Both incidents occurred at times when a reason was needed to further promote a specific agenda. With James Holmes, the agenda was gun control, and with Hasan, another face on which to stamp 'terrorist threat’ from the Middle East. Both shootings supposedly involved only one gunman, with an undetermined motivation. 

We could look investigate even more deeply into the connections between these two incidents by comparing the occult, ritualistic numerology associated with both. However, if we are to simply analyse the facts as we know them, we have two clearly intelligent people who were operating in elite circles associated with the highest levels of psychiatry and psychology, who suddenly and inexplicably had the urge to embark on solo shooting sprees. In both cases, the shooter knew beforehand that there would be no chance of escape, and didn’t plan one. These people actually wanted to be caught. 

The other giveaway sign of a staged shooting such as these is the inevitable description from a 'witness’ who claims that the shooters made a request for weaponry or training prior to the event. Hasan was claimed to have walked in to a gun shop, and “asked for the most technologically advanced weapon on the market and the one with the highest standard magazine capacity.” Prior to the 'Batman Shooting’, James Holmes supposedly left a voice message on the answering machine at Lead Valley Range, in Byers, Colorado. Glenn Rotkovich of Lead Valley Range says, “His answering machine message was incoherent, just bizarre, really bizarre – slurring words, but he didn’t sound drunk, just strange – I could make out “James” somewhere in it,”. This is the same man who claims it is 'bizarre’ that James Holmes signed an email application to the range with the words, “Cheers, James.” Glenn obviously doesn’t get a lot of emails out there in Byers. 

When we look at other similar cases like those involving Aileen Wuornos, Charles Manson and more, the perpetrators of these crimes often speak being subjected to practices linked to mind control prior to committing any massacre of this kind. They also seem to have a much greater perspective on the human experience and the 'beyond’ than the average person, which indicates that their minds are either more active or more open than most. Could this mean that they are also the perfect specimens for mind control techniques designed to encourage them to wilfully commit these atrocities, and in turn become perfect players in a game constructed by the malevolent force we refer to as 'Government’?

Once you start joining the dots, there is no coincidence. 

For a short while, Nidal Hasan will be allowed to keep his beard before the system takes that from him as well. He is able to hold on to the last remaining symbol of his personal beliefs and freedom. If he still has any recollection at all of who he really is, Hasan will still hold those beliefs and freedom within, even when the shave is completed. 

Fully shaven, and sentenced to death by a pack of bald faced liars.