Monarque satiné - femelle sur son nid / Satin Flycatcher - female.

Myiagra cyanoleuca (Vieillot, 1818) :
- Monarque satiné ;
- Satin Flycatcher ;
- Monarca satinado ;
- Satijnmonarch ;
- Satängmonark…

Ordre : Passériformes - Passeriformes / Famille : Monarchidés - Monarchidae / Genre : Myiagra.

Myiagra cyanoleuca chasse les insectes dans les arbres (un peu comme les mésanges).
Myiagra cyanoleuca  est un passereau migrateur/ Migrateur passerine.

par Bill Higham / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


I think that Nights in spite of their cheerful attitude is really lonely. The visitors come and go making Nights unable to develop a stronger bond with anyone.
The only moment for them to feel closeness and emotional connection is dualizing with someone.

In fact, I think that Nights is one of the loneliest SEGA characters ever created.



On this day, 19 years ago (July 5, 1996), a unique, inspiring, and innovative video game was released for the SEGA Saturn.  NiGHTS into Dreams… is a game that I love and one that has pushed me creatively.  

For my anniversary picture, I’ve chosen to do a redraw of a screenshot from the second game in the series, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams.  I picked this particular shot because I felt like it represented a few key aspects as to what the series is about - the power of flight, acrobatics, and the dreamscapes (also, fish swimming through the air has always been a common theme in my dreams so it resonated with me personally).  I hope you all enjoy the picture.  

Happy 19th anniversary, NiGHTS!

- Mayurasan

Ideya: Inverted and Subverted Forms

I spoke of this theory awhile ago–that Wizeman, by use of his preternatural energy, has the ability to corrupt Ideya by either inverting them to their spiritually opposite form (vice) or subverting them to create a sinister parody of the original Ideya (anti-virtue).  I created this handy little chart for you guys, with the idea that a graphic organizer can explain things in a far more concise and organized way than I could ever hope to do in my long, boring treatises, lol.

*Courage is a special case, which I’ll explain more at a later point.*