2016-2017 Color Stories | PANTONE 18-1664 TCX Fiery Red

Nicole Rajicova - Love Story; Kanako Murakami - Carmen; Mao Asada - Ritual Fire Dance; Rika Hongo - Carmina Burana; Maisy Ma - Ambush; Wakaba Higuchi - Scheherazade;
Zijun Li - Only For Love; Emmi Peltonen: Libertango


Cute sketches commissions for 5$


My name is Giolla, I am 23 years job and unfortunately I lost my job and I can’t find a new one.

I need to have a driving licence to search for another one cause where I live there are no opportunities and I need to search elsewhere and I am paying for it.

My parents are divorced and I live in a very toxic household and my mom steals the money my dad gives her and only gives me 20$ a month wich is a ridicoulously low amount of money to survive (I barely get to charge money on my phone and to cut my hair every 3 months).

I need to get the driving licence and a car and get a job and get out of that toxic household as soon as possible (It triggers my suicidal tendencies and i don’t have money for talking to a counselor) , that is why I am offering to do This cute sketches on commission (watever ship or character is ok) for 5$.

At this point of my life, every penny is very important to me and every help is apprecciated <3 So please Reblog this and I’ll be grateful <3

Contact me here or at my mail :

I accept paypal ( and I will send you the drawing by mail <3


Requested: “can i please request some taekook where they comfort you after coming home from a super stressful day at work/school ??”

Everyone is probably have a little trouble with school right now, so I hope this helps some. - admin nicole 💕


Requested: “Can I request some more taekook, where you’re in a great mood because you just got a job offer and they want to help you celebrate? -tkanon💖”

Kook needs to calm down, I swear. - admin nicole 💕