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#BlackOutHollywood - Hit The Floor cast members McKinley Freeman & Logan Browning (I think Robert Riley was there too) were among celebrities like Tyrese, Victoria Rowell, Yvette Nicole Brown and Teyonah Parris and many others who participated in a peaceful march in LA today.  

 I’m so proud of them and the others who marched. I just had to share. Logan’s close friend Darnell Ampling (seen in the bottom left pic) organized the march.

*Edit* Got a pic of Rob trying to talk sense into somebody at the march. Tell em, Rob!
Get Educated - New TV Show Proudly Based in Buffalo
The new TV show, "Get Educated," is proudly based in Buffalo and there's plenty of evidence of that in the pilot. Where else would you find Millard Fillmore Middle School? "Get Educated" is a new...

The new TV show, “Get Educated,” is proudly based in Buffalo and there’s plenty of evidence of that in the pilot. Where else would you find Millard Fillmore Middle School? “Get Educated” is a new mockumentary about teachers learning how to educate terrible teenagers. Imagine if “The Office” took place in a middle school.  Starring Nicole Foti, David Pinion, Maria Paris, Ann Elizabeth Lyon, John J. Pistone, Stephen Carey, Reid Miller, Jordyn Lucas, Amy Letcher, Karli-Rae Grogan, and Carson James Freeman, Tyler Michael Brown. Written by Jordan Imiola. Produced by Sonja Carey, Jordan Imiola, and Jade Grace. Directed by Jordan Imiola. Director of Photography - Gio Barot. Sound Engineer - Nicholas Cuarto. Edited by Jessica Frias. Produced by Funny Buffalo -


Lenny Kravitz (May 26)

Helena Bonham Carter (May 26)

Moran Freeman (June 1)

Zachary Quinto (June 2)

Russell Brand (June 4)

Angelina Jolie (June 4)

Troye Sivan (June 5)

Johnny Depp (June 9)

Natalie Portman (June 9)

Shia LaBeouf (June 11)

Dan Howell (June 11)

Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen (June 13)

Lucy Hale (June 14)

Courteney Cox (June 15)

Neil Patrick Harris (June 16)

Nicole Kidman (June 20)

Chris Pratt (June 21)

Lana Del Rey (June 21)

What a fascinating week.  A chapter closed, one sealed and an exciting one revisited (this particular story I believe will go for a lifetime)

Musically rewarding - I received some of the best advice yet from the delightful Tickers.  I had been thinking it for awhile so it was nice to have the same thoughts come from someone so organically, particularly when it’s someone you respect and admire.

I travelled time briefly with some of the most exciting mind bending conversation yet, I celebrated Birthdays, spent time with my favourite people, got my medieval on, partied like it was a week of Fridays and seduced myself silly.

Life is good x

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