I still don’t get the hate Nicole is getting, sure she doesn’t own up to her game, but Vanessa didn’t either. She was called a snake, dragged by so many people, in a showmance, wasn’t OTB until top 4, and had her enemies had her the win. 

Some people claim to be a feminist in this tag but if it was a male they wouldn’t get as much hate.

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one of the best bb moments ever

How did Nicole actually do that honestly

How did she finesse 16 people. Mist 16 evictions. Not only was she in a showman with the whole season, no one trusted her. Everyday someone new is calling her a snake but she somehow not only made it to the end with her showmance without going on the block until final 4. She got the same people who called her out to vote for her to win.

All I wished was for that to happen to ika.