Nicolas Martinez


Club Atlético River Plate asked by its-eltigre


An inking of Redblooper’s OC, Cherrie Garcia, based on one of his sketches.

Plus, I’ve included some BONUS sketches, some of which were done before she became a succubus. Enjoy. :)

Page 1 - Our Featured Piece

Page 2 - An alternate pose to my “nurse” piece.

Page 3 - An idea of Cherrie with wings (sprouting at her convenience.)

Page 4 - Human Cherrie

Page 5 - A couple studies of Cherrie, Shelby, and Marine.

Page 6 - A small guilty pleasure. This was based on a certain Family Guy episode if you recognize the song.

Page 7 - More fun sketches, especially trying her out as an athletic jumper or a humble nature photographer.

Page 8 - Casey Canola

Page 9- Some Casey studies and more of Demon Cherrie.

Cherrie Garcia/original sketch, Shelby, Casey, Marine © David “RedBlooper” Baron

Art © Nicolas Martinez