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Who at CHB would dress up like a clown for Halloween and try and scare as many people as possible? (My votes on Nico or Percy)

Nico dresses up for Halloween but only like, really casually. He spends most of October preparing costumes and nobody can really figure out why he’s making so many. Maybe he’s doing his friends a favour? Maybe he keeps changing his mind? Fast forward to October 31st and Nico turns up to the demigod Halloween party wearing normal, mundane clothes which is disappointing to say the least. He could have at LEAST made an effort, points out Jason. Queue 50 odd skeletons dressed in an assortment of different costumes claw their way out the ground, much to the terror of everyone (Except Will, who is glaring at Nico from across the room)

Extra: Clarisse dresses up as Aragog from Harry Potter and Percy spots her before Annabeth. He spends most of the party awkwardly rotating around Annabeth to try distract her so she doesn’t see.

  • percy:ahah! okay guys, I’m going to the bathroom. just keep talking without me
  • nico:sure. f-fine.
  • will:don’t worry!
  • percy:*disappears for a few minutes*
  • nico:
  • will:
  • nico:um...
  • will:
  • nico:*coughs*
  • will:*smiles at him*
  • nico:so, um, you know... nails and hair may appear to keep growing after death, but this is because flesh shrinks as it dries out, retracting the skin to make the nails and hair appear longer. funny isn't it?
  • will:
  • percy:*appears again* hey, nico? can we talk in private please?

-nico went dark first. will wanted to bring him back to the “light” but he only ended up on the same side as nico.

-nico was so cold. he seemed to be so empty of emotions until late at night when he’s embraced by will and he finally feels something

-will’s the opposite. he feels everything all the time. he’s angry, he’s annoyed, he’s sad, he’s everything. nico calms down his emotions and he brings out nico’s.

-the shadows are always touching nico, reaching out to him. he brings back roadkill then kills them again. he waits until something is on the verge of death and then finished it for them and lets the shadows swallow his victim.

-“it keeps them away,” nico says, “the shadows– they’re always hungry. when I feed them they stay quiet for a while.”

-will likes finding something or someone that won’t feel pain. he uses his tools and dissects them, then puts them back together. his experiments are monsters now, creatures of terrific horrors.

-sometimes will puts them in a room. then he whistles, busting their ear drums. next, he bends the light into a blade and draws pretty patterns across their bodies.

-when nico and will work together, it’s the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen

-nico puts them in a cage of shadows. shadows brush against the victim’s skin, making them feel cold and dead inside.

-will then brings in a blade of light. the victims feels happy- light to cast out the shadows. except the light and shadows are merging together. the blade starts to cut them, causing them intense pain with barely any movement,

-then nico and will leave. the victim slowly starves. weeks in chronic pain until the shadows get another meal.

-they may not be hurting the gods yet, but soon, all this practice will pay off.



Camp Half-Blood / Daughter of Athena

Challenge: Favourite Relationship/Friendship - Nico di Angelo and Will Solace (Solangelo)

“I … what? Why would you want a son of Hades in the same room with people you’re trying to heal? Why would anyone want that?”
“You can’t help out a friend? Maybe cut bandages? Bring me a soda or a snack? Or just a simple How’s it going, Will? You don’t think I could stand to see a friendly face?”
“What … my face?”

art by @cherryandsisters

Pissed Nico beeing pissed :’) For whatever reason xD
Plus!!! The knuckles?! They look so….aesthetic? I never asked myself how knuckles can be aesthetic, but these are for sure!


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If you're in a mood to take prompts, could you do something with teenage Carter going on a first date and Nico and Will coming to terms with their baby growing up and dating, please (or crashing the date themselves). Only if you're cool with that, of course. You're writing is awesome; have a great day!


“He’s sixteen, Nico,” Will brushed Nico’s bangs out of his eyes and smiled softly at his husband. “He’s not a baby anymore. He goes off to college in two years. Let him have tonight.” Nico knew Will was making a point, but he was too stubborn to acknowledge the point.

“He’s still my baby.” Will laughed quietly, his eyes scrunching up and his mouth opening to let the sound out in a way that melted Nico to the core.

“Of course he’s still our baby, but he’s not a baby. He’s mature enough to handle this one on his own. I know you don’t like the fact that he’s growing up, I don’t like it either. It seems like just yesterday he was running around in a diaper with that stuffed whale.” Will smiled fondly at the memory. “But my point is, we can’t hold onto him forever.”

Will slid into bed next to Nico, wrapping an arm around his shoulder as Nico snuggled into his side. “It doesn’t seem like this is bothering you.” Carter had left just an hour ago on his first date and already Nico’s nest was feeling rather empty. He didn’t like that Carter was going up, and after giving up so much just to have Carter, Will understood why Nico was having problems coming to terms with the fact that his baby was growing up.

“The date doesn’t bother me,” Will affirmed, “it’s the fact that he’s now old enough to drive himself and another boy out to dinner for a date where he’ll pay. And that they’re old enough to go to the park for a walk and-” Will sighed, “it does bother me. But in a good way. I know we did a good job raising him and that he’ll have a great night.”

“I don’t want him to grow up.” Nico pouted, resting his head on Will’s chest. Will laughed again as he ran his fingers through Nico’s soft hair.

“I know you don’t darling,” he spoke softly, “but we can’t keep him as a baby forever. He’s a good kid, we did a great job raising him, and he’s going to become even more then what we raised him. He’s going to become an amazing person that’s going to do so much good for the world.” Nico sighed in agreement and Will felt himself smile. “That doesn’t change the fact that he’s always going to be our little boy. That doesn’t have to change.”

Will knew Nico was smiling. “I hope he still comes around sometimes.”

Will snorted at the comment. “He’s a teenage boy, Neeks, he’ll come home every time you cook.” Nico laughed quietly. “Joseph will probably always come too, whether he’s still with Carter or not. Those boys live for your cooking.”

They fell into a comfortable silence and it wasn’t long before Will realized Nico had fallen asleep, but he was okay with that. Will was more than happy to be the one to stay up and wait for Carter to come back home. He made sure to hug his little boy a little bit tighter before he joined Nico in bed

Nico just loves his little boy