Wild & Crazy Kids would have fit right in today with Michelle Obama’s “Get Out Of The House And Do Something, You Slobs” initiative, because every episode would have a team of teen hosts play games on location with kids and families. Maybe they played water balloon toss in a park, or that game where you spin the bat and try to hit the ball, but can’t because of the brain bouncing around in there. You know, healthy activities.

In a first season episode of W&CK, the show took over a mall and held a series of relay race contests. Most of the contests were normal kid fare – “play this video game and then skateboard across the finish line,” for example. But the very first “game” in this episode may look a little too familiar to today’s college students.

Um … what the hell? Dude, those kids are totally playing flip cup right now. OK, so they aren’t actually flipping the cup, but come on. Mugs full of ROOT beer, which you have to down as fast as you can and then pass to the next person? What else could that be?

This is practically child abuse. Look at these kids’ faces as soon as they finish. This does not look fun. No one wants to play this. The host’s voiceover makes it seem like gee-willikers silliness, but all these kids want to do is to go home so they can throw up.

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