People praise Drake & Josh and iCarly for being these great shows, but the only reoccurring PoC are all used as comedi. Mind you, the only reoccurring PoC are Black, loud, fits mainly to stereotypes about Black people, and are inexplicably difficult to deal with.



  • Shows that Black, Jewish women exist
  • Strong Willed
  • Funny
  • Successful business woman
  • Excellent vocalist


  • Loud
  • Selfish
  • Disrespectful
  • Vengeful
  • She does whatever a “cute” white boy wants her for no reason other than him being “cute” and white.
  • Ignorant of world issues that she covers up by blindly agreeing



  • Jamaican
  • Owns a business


  • Loud
  • Not too bright
  • Ignorant of most things
  • At one time, homeless
  • Reliant on three white teenagers to solve his problems

Not to mention the use of blaccents on Drake & Josh and iCarly and the only other time a PoC was a main/supporting character was when iCarly went to Japan and Japanese culture was made fun of, with the two Japanese major character being backstabbing, untrustworthy villains. 

But they were great shows, though.


I want to compile a master list for people who officially work on TMNT 2012, so fans can follow for appreciation and updates. I tried to find where they post the most. Rebog and add if I forgot any! (I know I did LOL So many talented people!)




Write Your Own Cartoon for Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon’s ‘Script First’ program open for submissions

Want to write an animated series for Nickelodeon? Enter the network’s new Script First program!


Nick’s website


Nickelodeon Animation Studios is proud to present a new path in series development called Script First! Here’s how it works: you submit a spec 3-5 page script that showcases an original show premise and characters in a self-contained story. If your submission is selected by our selection committee, you will get an offer to be paid to write an expanded script. You can choose to either build upon your submitted spec script or choose a different story using your same original characters and world.

What they’re looking for:

  • Original short scripts, 3 to 5 pages in length
  • Content that is kid-appropriate
  • Strong, relatable characters that our kid audience of boys and girls ages 6 to 11 will love and want to see again and again
  • Concepts that play well for animation - visual humor is just as important as verbal!
  • Creators who are passionate about their ideas, their characters, and their stories. We want you to write from the heart. What do you really, really want to make that means something to you?

We’re open to any genre if your original idea has a strong comedic backbone. Action/Adventure/mystery is okay as long as it’s also funny.

A short script, 3 – 5 pages long, is required. You can include an optional additional page explaining characters, worlds, or setup.  

Limit of three (3) submissions per person. Any scripts submitted beyond this cannot be considered.

Submissions open on Monday March 30, 2015. The deadline for submissions is Friday May 15, 2015. No submissions will be accepted after this time.

For other cartoon fans like me, who’d like to see their own ideas on TV one day. I’m submitting one.