Tv Show Aesthetic: Invader Zim (pt.II)

Another thing I was thinking lately is that I have seen very little (new) Teenage Robot fanart it seemed like. They say sometimes that if you don’t like something, fix it yourself. And I told myself I would and BAM, I fucking did. Because I tried to draw Vectorman at the desk first today and that went horribly so time for a robot I like more than Vectorman anyway. Brad ended up here because idk really.

So there’s the robot girl again and also Brad. Brad’s fun, and I don’t draw him too much (this was the first time I colored him or drew him digitally. I personally think I’m not very good at drawing Brad tho. At least from past experiences. Kind of a weird head shape). Depending on the day of the week, he, Sheldon and Dr. Wakeman could all alternate between being my second favorite TR character.

In the end, fun.



PUNY HUMANS! Soon you will all know the taste of DOOM. AGAIN.



We’ve just received another transmission and can’t quite make sense of it…