some pics of me at the arcade by ava benjamin

i went to nickel city and cuckie cheese and some other places

i love arcades so much its so exciting getting tickets and prizes and being surrounded by so many games bleating for attention, its like neopets in real life


I’ve been notorious with the how spontaneous I am and aggressive. After Indian, I went to my house where he worked hard, and I played video games. We ended up at Nickel City where I ended up wining about 500 tickets playing skeeball. I was so close to winning jackpot. In total Tim and I won 800 and something tickets. 

Something came over me. My left thigh is now sore after being hunched over trying to win.

Too many people at BDUBS!

Ended up at Village where we asked random people what a good place to eat is.

Sanders… idk what it is called.

I’m probably a person to hang out only about once or twice a month. I’m a little too crazy.


Being As An Ocean - Dear G-d (Live @ Nickel City)


Hey guys! If y'all don’t remember, I took everyones blog down so y'all can follow each other. So HERE WE GO

  • First of all, there’s me, Lolzman87, the Voice Actor, and the guy who made this post. Shock of shocks.
  • Johnegboner
  • Dymentia (Artist that made cool sketches)
  • h0m0-t00l
  • Jen0v4
  • Natawhat (Jane T-shirt and lip ring)
  • greenteakitty
  • thewrinklefucker (Vriska)
  • colesun182 (gamzee t-shirt)
  • Helloopandee
  • Generalsparklepants
  • galactictentabulge
  • festeringstriders (kigu!dave)
  • Lightninblot (Hipster Dave)
  • skullsprite (hipster Jane)
  • swag-productions (Hosts, cosplay group tumblr)
  • koyora (Hipster Jade)
  • meilinnobaka (Other Jade)
  • noxiandiplomacy (Antohny, HS hater, jk he ilys y'all)

That about does it, if you find this, make sure you reblog it to let everyone there know, and shoot me a message if you want me to add in what you were wearing or who you were! It was an awesome meetup, and I’m very glad I met you all!

Full Info Post for Nickel City Meetup (Moved!!)
  • The time and date has not changed. However, the place has changed, and there is now new info regarding behavior and getting in.
  • Wednesday, August 8th!
  • COST: $1.25 to get in the door (if you go in w/ us), or $2.00 if you come late/early. There are free arcade games w/ admission, and extra games you can win tickets from for a nickel each.
  • Meetup starts at 1 pm, and will go till 5 pm, but you can stay longer/arrive earlier if you want!!
  • Will be held at the Nickel City on  1711 Branham Lane
    San Jose, CA 95118. We will most likely meet outside first and then go in together, because groups of 8+ get discounted admission.
  • Hosted by the members of Any problems at the meetup should be brought either to us, the staff of Nickel City (<— lets try to avoid bothering them.), or your parent (GO HERE FIRST. ALWAYS.) if they are there. Parents can also talk to us!
  • See THIS post!  This a casual cosplay/casualstuck event. Which means NO grey, no props and keep the outfits toned down (no page outfits asdfghjkl) as we are in a place that may make people feel uncomfortable with cosplay (LIKE LITTLE KIDS. YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO SCARE THEM, WOULD YOU?). Plus we don’t want to get kicked out. But all these rules doesn’t mean you can’t still cosplay!
  • Food- They have food there, it cost money, of course. I am not sure what allergens to be alert for while eating there, but I am told that they have better food/ more selection than Chuck E. Cheeses.
  • Behavior- We’re going to be around kids. Not as young as Chuck E. Cheese, but please still keep in mind that some of our bayareastuck attendee’s parents may be there, and I don’t think anyone wants to be the reason someone can’t attend meetups.
  • if you have any questions, you should message us at OUR GROUP BLOG.


  • Possible mini-draw party, so bring sketchbooks!
  • Extra Games, like who can score the highest on something etc, with prizes?
  • Trade tickets for Homestuck Art/Other Stuff! This is a thing that should happen. You can trade your tickets/token to each other for art or any other Homestuck-ie things! I (skullsprite) for example will be offering chalk or pencil drawings and possibly OTP/Character bracelets!
  • If you think of anything else, message us!