that post like “lol who cares about winter soldier” is so… nasty… like… im excited about ww because. its wonder woman getting a movie but. its mega white and gal gadot is a zionist. meanwhile catws was made well, treated nick fury as the type of main character he Should be, has sam wilson (he is perfect), has more/better nat characterization than any other mcu movie… like… just bc its a marvel movie and caused st*cky doesnt mean its okay and totally has no gross implications to be like LOL FUCK THAT, my white feminism movie thats not even out yet is DEFINITELY more important!! like… is the post hyperbole? yes. was it kind of petty for someone to say ‘what about catws’? yes. did you Need to respond to it dismissively? not at all lmao just ignore it

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I'm here for people attacking physical Nick, and Barba taking care of him later

Well, Nick’s a boxer and a trained police officer so he can hold his own just fine in a fight, for the most part. That said, he can’t be expected to do well all the time. Even Rocky Balboa had a few bad days. Even the best cops get knifed or beaten up. 

Nick always insists that he’s fine and he’s had worse. Okay, he could have a swollen shut eye, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, a broken leg, and a broken wrist, maybe even a God damn concussion, and he’d still say that he’s fine. He lets Rafael take care of him though because he knows that he’ll feel better. The thing he’s grateful for is that Rafael doesn’t look at him pitifully or worriedly. Even if he’s frantic and his brain is racing a mile a minute, he outwardly keeps himself together. Rafael’s more focused on treating Nick’s wounds anyway - putting ice on a bruise, cleaning up a cut so it doesn’t get infected then wrapping a bandage around it, the easy things that he knows how to do and maybe has done on himself a few times. There’s a little more about all of that here. When Nick has a concussion, he’s a little more outwardly frantic and he rereads the instructions that the doctor gave him over and over so he knows exactly what, and what not, to do. 

Naturally, Rafael is a little more affection and protective that night. He also gives Nick a glass of water because if anything, he needs to be hydrated. After Nick falls asleep, he’ll stay up for a while to ice the really bad bruises and just look over him. He’ll run his fingers through Nick’s hair and try not to think about the day too much. Eventually, he curls himself a little tighter than usual around Nick, rest a hand on his stomach, and kiss his neck before closing his eyes to sleep.   

  • Nick:So hang on, who's got a solo deal now? Liam's got one.
  • Sinead:Harry's doing the films, but he's got one.
  • Nick:Yeah, he's got one.
  • Sinead:Zayn's gone. Louis is on AGT.
  • Nick:And Niall's in the pub. No, I heard that Niall has one. So they've all got one.
  • Sinead:They gotta do something with their time off.
  • Nick:Well, I wouldn't. At 25 mill I'd be like, right let's watch the telly for a few years, and go on holiday.

A place like Hawaii conjures relaxing thoughts of glittering beaches, hula dancers, and shaved ice. Step off the tourist path, however, and you’ll discover a paradise rich with tales of the spirit world.

Kaena Point (or Kaʻena Point) lies on the westernmost tip of Oahu. While roads extend toward the shore, they quickly diminish into rutted two tracks and narrow paths. Intrepid hikers must make the last leg of the trek by foot, where they’re met with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

And it’s at this point that the natural world meets the afterlife, according to Hawaiian folklore.

Pele, Hawaii’s fire goddess, controls the energy of lightning, volcanoes, and wind. She’s also the deity who created the Hawaiian Islands. The story goes that Pele’s male relative (some versions say her brother, others say cousin) traveled to this mystic point at Oahu’s western edge and decided to stay. So it was named for him—ka’ena means “red hot” in Hawaiian.

But just what’s so alluring about this rugged stretch of land?

Hawaiian folklore has long considered Kaena Point a “jumping off” place for souls. As the land breaks into the sea the distinction between earth and ocean—life and death—begins to blur. According to island tradition, when a person is dying, his soul leaves his body. The wandering spirit first arrives at a fishing shrine, known as hauone. There, the fulfillment of one’s worldly obligations is assessed. If all is well, the soul is obligated to cross over.

The soul then arrives at Kaena Point where it meets two gods. These gods toss the wandering soul into a gigantic pit known at Lua a Kehena, whereupon death finally strikes the person’s body. The spirit’s journey continues toward Na ulu o lei walu for final judgment—the good go right, while the bad go left.

Kaena Point is more than a haunted landscape; it’s a gathering space of spiritual forces. Hawaiians have long held it to be one of their most sacred places, both because of its significance in the soul’s journey—and as the site where mortals make the final leap into the realm the gods.

Today Kaena Point lies within a state park. It’s home to a high degree of biodiversity and sustains an ecosystem brimming with flora and fauna. Those who manage to reach its rugged turf do report hearing something beyond the sounds of wildlife. It’s an eerie wail that seems to rise out of the ocean, like the distant calls of lost souls

That guy Shannon is the BEST I love him Nick Laz shouted him out for his improv in class and then he ran up on stage and threw tissues out of his pockets again

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That taekook piece :') we don't deserve this kind of beautiful art thank you so much :'D I haven't even watched zootopia and yet here I am dying welp XD

YOU SHOULD WATCH IT it’s a beautiful and extremely timely movie!!!!! i can’t believe disney released such a treasure with finding dory in the same year these are too much

Zootopia Tourists

School’s out for summer, and it’s a perfect time for a road trip! Colin and Aiden have always wanted to visit Zootopia, so Aiden borrows his daddy’s car and the furry duo ride to Zootopia in style. There’s so much to see and do that a wide-eyed raccoon doesn’t notice a “No Right Turn on Red” sign. But a couple of ZPD officers do! Lucky for the little lawbreakers, Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are well above her ticket quotas, and Nick can be a forgiving fellow. 

I love Zootopia, and it inspired me to go out of my comfort zone to make this illo.

HD version:


“Don’t let the stupid bitch get to you,” Carys whispered to herself as she walked into the building, probably for about the hundredth time.  Taking a breath she walked  in, putting on a dazzling smile, just like if she was onstage.  “Well Nick Germaine you have ruined my life I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fly commercial again,” she teased as soon as she saw him, “So this tour thing better be worth the monster you’ve just created.”