I love shooting for my alma mater.  It’s always amazing to see the great things people are doing with their lives post-Wake Forest, and Nick Gray is no exception.  Nick runs an amazing company called Museum Hack, giving non-traditional “un-highlight” tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City.  I definitely recommend it.  The tour is a blast, the guides are so fun and energetic, and I walked away seeing some really interesting parts of the Met I would never think to wander through.  Thanks Nick!

©Joe Martinez Photography



Could These Two Possibly Be Any Cuter??


Nick Nailed it.


Nick and Hilarie are just not impressed. I love her.


World premiere of Jeff Replay & Nick Gray’s “Know Love” (Official Video).

Directed and edited by Danny Dizzy.

Pilot Nation’s Expensive Heat project is available for free download on Tuesday, 3/26.

Download “Know Love” HERE