The Duel
Lucas Steele, Josh Groban, Nick Choksi, Amber Gray & Original Broadway Company of Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
The Duel

‘The Duel’ from the original broadway cast recording of Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. The song is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Reaction to The Great Comet - 5/7/2017 (200th Performance)

Hello there! This is one of the admins here on dailygreatcomet. I had the wonderful opportunity to see The Great Comet during its 200th performance! And let me tell you, it was amazing. I have seen the show before, but this time I wanted to observe everything that was going on around me.  I’ll put this under a read more if you’re interested because there’s ton of stuff to say: 

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Reposting these because Dave is on BROADWAY right now and I’m pretty sure NO ONE noticed them when I posted them here over a year ago.
Funny story about the first one. I posted it on Facebook last January and tagged Dave (this was back when he was still accepting fan friend requests from his personal profile). It got a LOT of likes (from people like Jason Craig (lyricist of Beowulf) Brent Arnold (Ghost Quartet member), Pearl Rhein?! Josh Canfield!!?? Nick Chokski!!?? AMBER GRAY???) and then….his mother Indra showed up. She liked the drawing so much that she talked me into selling it to her. I said I was willing to send it to her as a gift but she insisted on giving me money. I sent her the drawing and in return I got a very sweet thank-you card signed by her and Dave’s father Randy with two hundred-dollar bills inside it.      
And then I made another drawing of him, which is below the photo of my face. In case you can’t see it, the background of the drawing is made up of the titles of every song/album by him that I could find on his website, and when I ran out of titles I started putting all my favorite lines from Preludes and The Great Comet.
I wanted Dave to have this one. I sent it to an address I found on his website, which is no longer there, and hoped for the best. I enclosed a very long and stupid letter which he hopefully never read. Didn’t find out whether it reached him or not until the day before yesterday when I asked him about it. He got it. So yeah..that happened.

Devon Aoki for Alexander McQueen, 1997

Nick shot this iconic composition for the cover of Visionaire in 1997. The photograph pushes the boundaries of both the photographic process and aesthetics. It is at once directly confrontational and thought-provoking, capturing Aoki with a dark, futurists aura that infuses her glamour; a safety pin slashes through her forehead, her eye appears blank, her skin gray. Nick worked hand in hand with Lee McQueen to create this hauntingly beautiful composition. It’s an ode to their long, creative partnership. The image also reflects the future oriented movements of the late 90s – pushing the limit of what digital technology had been able to do in that period. Many consider this one of Nick’s masterpieces. - Carrie Scott, Director and Curator, Nick Knight Archive