Nick Rupp


Yes I put hearts on my face. I looked like a potato.

Okay, first thing I wanna say is that Magcon was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The team was wonderful, the performers, their parents, all were wonderful. The only thing that sucked was the HOTEL SECURITY. So reading discretion, any hate is towards the HOTEL SECURITY. Not Magcon or anyone in Magcon. That team was amazing! Anyway, okay so I went with 2 of my beautiful friends, Andrea and Laura, and we got there pretty early. Only problem was… We were waiting out in the HEAT for a few hours. I kid you not, Florida decided I wanted to be hotter than Satan’s asshole this weekend. After waiting, security obnoxiously pushed us along into the arena and we all scrambled to the small metal fence that was right in front of the stage. The first hour was mingle hour for VIP which allowed the boys to come out and hang/take pics/ and talk to you was first, but honestly I suggest you charge your phone or eat something during this time because a bunch of girls are gonna be crowding the boys, and unless you’re super aggressive, you’re not gonna get anywhere with that (VIP ADVICE). After that, priority and GA are allowed inside, and then things start getting messy. My friends and I did our best to get to the front center of the stage but we go pushed to the left. I’m not complaining though bc we were right at the front and had perfect view of everything. From behind the bars we watched Willie Jones, Chase Goehring + Jacob Whotesides, and Taylor and Dillon perform. After Daylor finished they called VIP #120-160 to line up to go in for meet and greet (by the way they call you in for meet and greet by number) and I literally shoved my way out of the mob of sweating girls and ran to the line with my friends. I was honestly shaking a bit bc I was nervous, but that ended as quickly as it came. I was in line for Chase, Nick Tangorra, and Dustyn and I wasn’t as nervous anymore because they were so sweet to their fans and I was getting pumped. I walked up to chase and gave him a hug, took a selfie and I was already happy. Nick was just about the sweetest person ever, he hugged me and said he loved my hair and I just admdjsn. I then went up to Dustyn and he apologized for photo bombing my picture with Nick haha, and hugged me and I wanted to cry bc I was so full of joy. After we got our pictures with them, we moved onto Jacob and Aaron’s line, and to be honest… I was extremely nervous. I made it to the front, and I was so nervous to hug Jacob, but honestly when he saw me he said “hey cutie!” And I automatically left my nerves behind me. I hugged him, and I gave him his poster and hugged Aaron right after who also welcomed me with a “hello sweetheart.” After I hugged Aaron Jacob was still looking at the poster and I asked him if he liked it, he said yes and have me another hug and I legit wanted to die happy right then and there. I took my picture with them and once everyone was done, we moved on to Taylor and Dillon’s line. After a bit of waiting, a few performances were beginning to take place. First we heard Dustyn sing, he was absolutely amazing. After him, Mahogany sang Problem, perfect like always. Jacob performed a few seconds after and he sang 3 songs, while I stood on the side and basically melted. A few minutes passed and then everyone was finally ready for Aaron to perform Rude for the first time ever. His voice is literally like the voice of an angel. Once that was done, some of the boys took a short break and Nick Tangorra and his band performed, there absolutely perfect. My phone died at this point and I was desperately looking for a charger. Here’s when things went bad and I’m telling you right now DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, do what I did. Ever. My friends and I went looking for an outlet to plug in my phone and since we were on the left side, we checked there first. Nothing. Not one outlet. We then walked to the other side of the stage to see if maybe the right side had a charger, and since no one was there, we thought it would be easier to find one. There was absolutely nothing. To top it off, on our way back, hotel security came and stopped us. This is why I’m telling you DO NOT GO LOOKING DOR ANYTHING IF YOURE IN VIP. DONT LEAVE THE SIDE YOU ENTERED FROM IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THE PERFORMANCES FROM THE SIDE OF THE STAGE AND DO NOT LEAVE THE SIDE YOU CAME IN FROM IF YOU DONT WANNA LEAVE YET. Anyway, security came and told us we had to leave. They were kicking us out. It took me a while to process what I was being told before I finally spoke and asked why. They said our meet and greet was over because we were on the other side. We were protesting and telling them we didn’t even finish meeting half the boys and they weren’t even listening to us! The stupid old lady security literally goes “look I have a headache and I could care less, so leave before we call the police.” I WAS LIVID. HELL NO YOU WERE NOT CALLING POLICE AND KICKING ME OUT OF SOMETHING I PAID $160 TO COME TO. NO ONE ASKED YOU TO TAKE THIS JOB. A hotel security manager or whatever came and told us we had to leave and I literally was fuming. We ended up leaving the meet and greet area, and we were so pissed off. I was determined to get back in there, at whatever cost, I was gonna do it. We all spread around to see if we could talk to someone who worked with Magcon, or a much more understanding manager. Nothing. I was close to giving up when I saw the angel that literally saved out asses. Mahogany’s mom was walking out of the meet and greet are and I never walked so fast. I went up to her and explained everything as she stared back in disbelief. “Are you serious? That’s not fair. Come with me.” I told her it was me and two friends that got kicked out for nothing and she told me to get them. We found each other and walked with her back to the entrance. She grabbed my hand and we were all holding onto each other as we made our way to the meet and greet. The security that kicked us out was waiting there staring in shock and I smiled so wide as the 4 of us strutted back inside. Bitch. She took us to Sammy’s line and we all thanked her and have her a huge hug before she walked back to the stage. Problem number 2, we still hadn’t meet dillon and Taylor. Laura was going to throw a for if she didn’t meet them and we were running out of ideas, and time. We got to the front of Sammy’s line, Andrea grew a pair of balls for all of us, walked up to him, told him what happened… he literally… He stopped his meet and greet to escort us ACROSS THE AREA to Dillon and Taylor to meet them. TO TOP IT OFF HE WAS LITERALLY ABOUT TO ASK THEM TO LET US SKIP THE WHOLE LINE SO WE CAN GO BACK TO HIM QUICKER. All of us were yelling “no no it’s fine Sammy nooo!” And he came back to us and gave us all a hug while we thanked him and told him we’d see him soon. Everything up to that point was surreal and skipping people was something we would never do. We made the line and waited for our turn. We made Laura go first when it was our turn because she’s in love with Taylor and well… OTP. So we all met them, and honestly, there was no security there, no one was rushing us, and they were being so silly with us, it was one of my favorite meet and greets. We gave them their posters and we stayed on that side to wait for Jack and Jack to perform because honestly.. We were not about to get kicked out again.
After a while of waiting, they came up on stage, I died, they performed Flights and Paradise, said they were making new music for us soon, and I promise you I wish they would’ve just stayed performing the whole time. They’re so cute and they’re so good at performing. The songs sounded amazing live, and everything was just beautiful. I recorded everything from their performances so I can’t wait to put that up! After that we went back to Sammy and Mike’s line. We waited and then it was our turn and I was nervous because Sammy really is just the love of my life right next to Cam. I was shaking. Literally. I walked up to him and I said “We’re back!” And he pulled me into a hug and said “yay you’re back.” With a smile unlike any other. We took our picture and I was so so happy. I went up to Mike right after and hugged him and said it was nice to meet him. I also told him he was extremely tall and he asked if that was a good thing. My eyes widened and I literally said “Uhh hello yes, it’s more attractive.” he smirked in response and said “glad that’s good for you.” Anshsnsjh. We took our picture and I went back to take Andrea’s picture with Sammy and Mike. After that, she have Sammy his poster and a little monkey that whistles when you squeeze it. “Click it!” She yelled. So he did, and he laughed his cute little Sammy laugh, and said “that’s so cute thank you.”
We then walked to Jack and Jack and waited. Finally our turn came along and Laura went first so she can ask Gilinsky a question. “Do you know that half the fandom calls you a Greek Sex God?” She said. “A what?” He asked shocked. “A Greek Sex God!” She repeated. “No I didn’t haha.” He replied. “You didn’t know that?.” She asked. “Yeah dude sex God Gilinsky!” Johnson said. We all laughed and I was just so happy with what was going on. Our phones were literally all dead by this point and we had to ask someone to take our pictures for us and send it to is right away because if not, there was no way any of us were getting our photos. Thank you Lord for nice people. I went up to Gilinsky, hugged him, and told him I was proud of him. “Thank you so much, we do this all for you.” He said back. I cried inside haha. I then got a hug from Johnson to which I received a “you smell good.” And I was honestly just like .. I’ve been sweating all day, how. I laughed and said thank you and told him he follows me on twitter and than I’m proud of him. He said “thank you, it’s all for you, and I’m glad I follow you.” LITERALLY MY FAVORITES. we all got our pictures with them and I was content with everything at that point. We gave them their poster and a special letter my friend asked to give to Gilinsky. We then left and waited for day 2.

Andrea and I were the only ones who were able to make it to day 2 because it was Father’s Day and either way we got there late. We got there in time to see jack and jack perform flights before they had to leave on their trip to LA at least. After that we were just walking around trying to see if we caught anyone in General Admission, but no luck. We then asked if they boys were coming to merch to sign anything, and they said yes they were so we ran off to get in line. Magcon ended a bit early that night so that the boys could come sign things and I’m so glad we made that line. Mahogany came around giving people little pictures, signing things, and taking pictures. I know have “bae -> 💜LOX” on my Justin Bieber phone case and a selfie with her I’ll always be happy with. After that we went to get merch from Sammy. Aaron had to leave early because of something and we didn’t get to see him but we met him the day before so we were happy regardless. Waiting in the line for Sammy, we were standing in front of the bars just before going around to him. I was honestly staring at him and when he caught my eyes I was kind of embarrassed at first, but he threw up a peace sign at Andrea and I and smiled and I felt better immediately. We then walked up to him and we spoke before I told him I wanted his shirt. We thanked him for the day before and he said he was happy to help. He’s literally the sweetest human on this planet. I told him I was glad he remembered us and he said “of course I’ll remember you guys.” Dead. I was dead. I bought his shirt, and asked for a picture and he kissed my cheek and of course my heart sky rocketed. I also got a video for 2 friends of him saying he loves them and I was so so happy. Andrea went and got a picture and a video for herself too and we were fangirling the whole way back to the lobby to wait for my mom to pick us up. I’ve never in my life been happier with a weekend. Despite the struggles security gave us and all the fans with their rude attitudes, this weekend was something I wish I could experience again. I’m so happy I went. I have withdrawals now haha. Post Magcon depression. I hope you all get to experience this as well, it’s amazing I promise, and so worth the time and money. I do wish all of the boys were there because I’m not gonna lie, I had the emptiest feeling knowing Cam, Nash, Hayes, Shawn, Matt, and Carter were missing. It hurt so much, but I know one day I’ll get the chance to meet them too. You’ll all get that chance I promise. Anyway, this was my Magcon experience, and I wish you all the luck in the world if you plan on going to one! I’m going to be posting our vlog from this weekend soon, I have 2 hours of footage to edit. I can’t wait. Thank you for reading this if you did, I’m sorry for my spelling mistakes if there are any, I’m typing this on my phone. I love you all!

Preference #4 Nicknames

Nash- Princess 👸

       You rolled over to look at your boyfriend sporting the sexy bedhead look. You checked the clock; seven AM. Too early to be awake but never to early for kisses. You gave Nash a soft kiss to wake him up. “Morning, Princess.”

Cameron- Love ❤

       You added the last touch of make up and nearly tumbled down the stairs with excitement for your one year anniversary date with Cameron. Luckily he-as always- managed to catch you before you fell. “You ready love?”

Matt- Beautiful 😍

       "Ooh girl you shinin’ like fifth avenue diamond!“ You sang loudly blasting your music as you cooked your pasta. "They don’t make you like they used to, you’re never going out of style!” You heard someone sing back in the same fashion. You yelled out terrified until Matt stepped into the kitchen. “Oh my God when did you get here you scared the crap out of me!” You smacked him in the chest embarrassed. “I just couldn’t wait to see you, beautiful.” He kissed your cheek.

Jack G- Baby girl 💏

        “Jaaaack! Please!” You whined. “I can’t help it if I’m vertically challenged!” He shook his head; "I can’t bend down all the time,“ he argued grinning. "You have to reach me.” He smirked. You did your best to give him a pout lip and puppy dog eyes. He bit his lip trying not to cave; “Alright, alright. You know I can’t say no to that, baby girl.” He planted a soft kiss to your lips

Aaron- Fluffy (This is how it became; it stuck :) ☺

         You ran around your yard with excitement throwing your arms up. “Snow’s here, snow’s here!” You chant as your boyfriend watches you from the front door. “Come on Aaron it’s so fluffy!” You exclaim. He ran out to you laughing unable to believe how giddy you were acting. “It’s fluffy?” He questioned tackling you onto the frost covered ground. “Yes!” You try to insist. “You’re fluffy.” He teased kissing your nose. “You’re going to get it!” You yelled trying to make a snowball out of the tiny amount of flurries on the ground.

Shawn- Bunny 🐰

       "Shawn don’t!“ You shriek as he chased you up the stairs. You barely made it to the end of the hallway before he managed to wrap his arms around you. "No!” You tried to fight him off but he laughed and slid the ice cube on your neck and down your shirt. “Shawn!” You yell as the freezing cube slid down your back. “What? I deserve vengeance.” He defends. You stuck your tongue out fishing the ice out of your shirt. “Aw, come on bunny. I did it out of love!” He called after you as you walked down the stairs trying to find even better revenge. 

Johnson- Babe 👶

       You snuggled closer into Jack’s side leaning onto his shoulder. The fire was dying out but the talking was still live as ever even at one in the morning at Sam’s. “I love summer nights. I love you even more.” You whispered trying to shut your eyes. “Babe, you can’t fall asleep. Last time I had to carry you to the car.” He scolded leaning his head on yours. “It’s your turn to carry me.” He finished with a smug grin. Your eyes shot open, “If you expect me to try to carry you you’re going to end up staying in Sam’s backyard.” You sassed. He yawned pulling you closer with the blanket. He kissed your temple;“Wow, harsh much babe?”

Taylor- Hot stuff 🔥 😂

        “Taylor push me!” You command sitting on the swing of Tristen’s play set. He groaned and got off the slide dragging his feet towards you. As soon as he got behind you he leaned into your ear smirking and whispered; “How ‘bout we spider, hot stuff?" 

Carter- Sunshine ☀

        You swung your hand that was interlocked with Carter’s high and low back and forth as you walked down the streets of LA. You grabbed his arms and began to dance with him evoking a chuckle from him. "Calm down there, sunshine.”

Sammy- Wild thing

        You were out getting dry sticks for the fire. Your friends and you had gone camping to kick off the beginning of senior year. As Sam was walking back to camp as well you hid behind a tree. As he neared you, you jumped out. “AH! Oh my-jesus don’t do that.” He sighed catching his breath sliding his arm over your shoulders after your fit of laughter. “I love you anyway, wild thing.”

Dillon- Cutie 

        “Dillon, stop.” You whined. He kept surprising you with a kiss or bite while you lay on the couch watching a movie. He smirked kissing you again; “I can’t help it cutie, you’re irresistible.”