Nick Rupp

the photo he post of you and him ♡

matthew espinosa:

caption:she said she was camera shy, ya right dork. ♥

hayes grier:

caption:y/n wouldn’t let me leave for practice.

jack gilinsky:

caption: six months strong, baby! @y/n 

cameron dallas:

caption: stop sitting on me loser. (smirk face emoji)

nash grier:

caption: trying to edit a youtube video and this dork came to cuddle with me. @y/n

aaron carpenter:

caption: y/n wouldn’t give me kisses.

shawn mendes:

caption: loved spending my summer with you. @y/n ♥

jacob whitesides:

caption: i wasn’t camera ready you thot. but it’s all good (kiss face emoji)

carter reynolds:

caption: its 6am and y/n is singing jb songs to me. 

taylor caniff:

caption: @y/n it’s nice having your smile around

hope you liked this ♡

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