ravingsofabitch  asked:

Imagine Steve asking Fury out as an obvious joke/challenge to play off the accidental "I love you" incident and Fury saying yes because he never backs down from a challenge and Steve and Fury get into some passive-aggressive flirt-off, trying to get the other to call it off first (feel free to keep them as two asshole friends or steer this crack ship, I'll be amused either way)

“Marriage is a liability for you, isn’t it?” Steve asked.  He sat across a small Starbucks table from Fury, who was wearing a beanie and some sunglasses. While technically, Fury was dead, that didn’t stop him from being a micromanager, and generally nosy about the goings on after SHIELD fell to pieces.

“What’s it to you?” Fury asked, taking a sip from his venti caramel macchiato. Steve had raised an eyebrow at the drink choice, but Fury had insisted it was deep cover.

“You don’t get out much,” Steve observed, taking a sip from his own cappuccino.  He smirked.  “These secret catch-ups must be the highlight of your week.  You could use someone to come home to.”

“Again, Rogers,” Fury said, clearly not amused, “I ask what’s it to you.”

“Just the concern of a friend,” Steve said with shrug, though his expression showed that he was clearly not done playing around.  “We, me and the Avengers, y’know, you’re the one that brought us all together.  We gotta have some love for you.”

“Spare me, Rogers,” Fury said, “or I’d think you were asking me out.”

“What if I was?” Steve asked.  He hadn’t thought about the idea until the words left his mouth, but he was never one to let an opportunity like this go.

“Oh?” Fury asked, equally reluctant to back down from a challenge.  “Is that so?”


“C’mon Rogers, you gotta give me the respect of saying it.”

There was a silence, a stare-off of sorts, that happened across a too-small table in a Starbucks in Washington DC, and Steve Rogers wasn’t going to lose.

“Let’s make this a date next time, Nick,” Steve said, and he could see Fury falter ever slightly at hearing his first name.  “You, me, more macchiatos.  Could be fun.”

“Starbucks, really, Rogers?” Fury asked.  “And here I thought you guys from the forties had class.”

“Dinner then,” Steve said.  “Next Friday, I’ll take you to dinner.”


“Can’t I be a gentleman and surprise you?”

This almost put Fury on edge, but he kept his resolve.

“Only if you pay.  I’m out of a job.”

“Done.”  Steve said, leaning back in his chair.  “Don’t you stand me up.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”