So I did a.


Because I’ve been haunted by this song and this idea for so long.

And now I did it.

Like, I’ve been developing the floral pattern at work while trying to look like I’m listening to what people say. And poppies, they just. Make sense. Because sleep and oblivion and painkillers. And red colour. And my friend has pointed out that with all this writing on the sides this looks suspiciously like an Eastern Orthodox icon. And it bloody well does. And I don’t know what to do with myself now because this is finished and I’m trying very hard not to freak out because I’ve just made something that looks impossible to me.

…and have a lovely afternoon. ©

P.S.: If you find me lying around somewhere with a dazed expression on my face, just hand me a blanket.



Did your father ever come to see you play?

"He came a couple of times. Both times I didn’t know that he was there. He came to the first New Year’s Eve show that I did, it was a show on the street and I was kind of rolling around drunk and singing, the whole band was off their faces. He asked me how it had gone and I said "Oh, it was good” and he went “Yeah, I know, I was there”.