Inside Nick Cave's Heartbreaking 'One More Time With Feeling' Doc

You’ve said that when you showed it to him he said not to change anything.
Well, he did want to make changes for a moment. Nick doesn’t like the whole last 30 minutes of the movie. He doesn’t like the stuff of him talking. He didn’t like the cliffs. He just watches himself speak and thinks, “What the fuck is that guy rambling on about?” I thought that stuff was fantastic.

But we knew Nick was going to have a bad reaction to the movie. So we decided to have Susie watch it with him the first time; if he hit the roof, at least he would have somebody who he trusted watching it with him. She hated all the stuff with her in it, Nick hated all the stuff with him – but they liked each other. So he basically thanked me after he saw the film and voiced his objection to the last 30 minutes.  Susie very quietly expressed the opinion that it was fine. They decided to show it to Warren [Ellis, Bad Seeds violinist], as somebody they trusted who wasn’t me. And he said, “No, that stuff is good. It’s all OK.”